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Did Pink have a baby last year? For some reason I keep thinking she did.

Nope! Gee, that was easy. Got any more Burning Qs for me? Hey! Looks like you do!

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been seeing each other for 6 years—and no ring. He plans to train in the military and then take a 3-year tour of duty. What should she do?

You assume she's in some hurry to get married. Just think for a second. Did you see the 1981 royal wedding between Diana and Charles? The one with 3,500 guests and a program so long that, years later, the video would have to be broken into 26 parts before it could go up on YouTube? The ceremony that was broadcast to 750 million people across the planet—except maybe Bhutan, which had no television at the time? Sound like a fun time for a bride? Exactly. Next question.

Who won the fight between Bob Levy and Danny Bonaduce? I can't find an answer anywhere.


Just how utterly lacking in creativity can a TV "creator" be and still get credit? Case in point: JJ Abrams' Fringe. It's an X-Files ripoff with the sexes of the doubter and the believer switched, and that's it!
—Scott, Tucson

Now just wait one second. The opening graphics for The X-Files featured a handprint with five fingers. The handprint in the opening sequence of Fringe has six fingers. Six. Which is totally different from five. Apologize to Mr. Abrams at once. Or just apologize to me for your ignorance. My email is below.

Got a question about Hollywood? ASK IT!

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