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Think we're onto something. See, everyone's wondering what our big effing gripe is with Jen Garner, like we're the only ones around who have a prob with the Alias actress or whatever it is she does. Coos and blushes her dimples for flicks like Juno? Whatever. We don't come up with a celebrity merde list on a whim, folks. We've got reasons for our bitchiness at the babe. After our last little Garner drama post, even one of A.T.'s readers, Heather, had not-so-nice things to say about the famous gal:

"I met Jennifer Garner once, a few years ago, and she was really sweet and friendly until I asked for a picture. She was like, 'So you aren't a journalist?' and when I said no, I was a fan, she just walked away without even so much as a goodbye. I'm no longer a fan of that phony."

(There are similar J.G.-doubting comments on that story, including those that eviscerate yours truly.)

See what we're talkin' about? Not exactly friendly to those who actually like her. She sure knows how to pick up enemies. Do ya think Scott Foley still thinks she's a sweetheart after being quite publicly dumped for Michael Vartan? And what about Mikey V, whose relaysh with the lady was ending just around the time she was hanging around current hubbie, Ben Affleck, on the Daredevil set?

A good girl knows better than to tackle a man while she's still taken. Also, I hear Ms. G is going to great lengths to keep from turning into the next Liz Taylor of Hollywood multiple-last-name seductresses, by putting her desire to divorce latest man Benny "on hold." Well, at least until that next kiddo pops out.

Gosh, apparently Forbes ain't the biggest J.G. fan either, since she was honored as the Most Overpaid Actress working today, considering how much money her flicks actually make at the box office. Tho Becky B. thinks her acting in Elektra was her absolute worst crime against humanity, forget anything else the Biz rag could have come up with. But at least at the end of the red carpet, publicly blasted day, Jen can always count on Gary Busey for a hug.

—Additional sass by Becky Bain

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