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Our East Coast Bureau Chief Bryan Reesman hit the New York Television Festival this weekend and came back bearing scoop about Fringe, a show I know you guys love discussing. Tonight, the second episode airs on Fox, and as I mentioned before, the very last shot will leave you asking "WTF?!" Please tell me your theories in the comments section below after you see it—'cause I am stumped!

Now click in to find out what Bryan learned about who knows what, what to watch for and what's the deal with Walter's cow...

What's to Come: Here are the scoopy tidbits that leaked from the panel session in NY...

  • As the series progresses, the team will investigate strange goings-on outside of Boston, although the lab will remain based there. The Pattern evidently has worldwide implications.
  • Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) has secrets and knowledge that will be revealed during the series.
  • According to Bad Robot's head of television, Kathy Lingg, the second episode (airing tonight at 9!) is more emblematic of what the series will be.
  • For future reference, pay close attention to the symbols that pop up between commercials.

Meanwhile, we also scored a little one-on-one time with the awesome John Noble...

John Noble, Fringe

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John Noble Q&A

You and Anna Torv were in an Australian show together called Young Lions, weren't you?
I don't remember her. I don't think we worked together. She said we were in that, but I never saw her.

Awkward pause?
Not at all. We're pretty blunt, Australians.

What do you like about your character, and how will he evolve over the course of the first season?
It's hard not to like Walter, as an actor, because he plays a whole range of scenes. He's got wonderful dialogue, he's got emotional twists and turns and he gets to do fun, crazy things with science. He's also got this developing relationship with the Joshua Jackson character, which is delicious. Josh and I are having a ball basically. It's everything an actor could want really. I've got a general template of where we're going, but each episode is a revelation to us. Sometimes it's quite late coming in.

Are there any scenes that you're particularly proud of so far?
There are a number of them, and I won't divulge what they are. There is a lot of procedural work, which is always fun, but there are several acting pieces in there that I haven't seen but that I thought were really fun when I was doing them.

Will we be seeing more of Walter's cow in future episodes?
There are many stories to be told with that cow.

Fringe Poll
What did you think of Fringe's second episode?

So, did you like the second installment of the series? Supergross or supercool? Post your take in the comments!

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