No matter how badly we want Disney to push up the release date of Beverly Hills Chihuahua, the amazing singing Aztec canines still won’t be hitting theatres for another couple of months. But that hasn’t stopped them from spreading their propaganda, which, we have to admit, has totally snared us.

But has this toy-size Drew Barrymore romp taken a truly dark turn? Check the video above where Papi (George Lopez) lists the grievances he has with humanity in front of a frighteningly large congregation of Chihuahuas. Wait—this movie just went from cute animated dogs to serious animal rights issues.

So what could these spolied brats really have to complain about? Well, maybe this...

Paris Hilton

Angela Coqueran/

OK, now we get it. We finally understand the plight of the Chihuahua. No más is right. But please, más Beverly Hills Chihuahua, 'K? Can't get enough.

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