Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez

James Devaney/Getty Images

Something has to be done, or, at the very least, said. What's with J.Lo, excuse me, Missus Marc Anthony, and her ever increasing coronation wardrobe, post-getting hitched, knocked up and made a new mama? I mean, it's all like something out of a bad Disney movie, only Patrick Dempsey didn't get cast as Anthony, unfortunately, and we're stuck watching the whole predictable affair.

But it is sad, ultimately. Studied, too, really, what with Ms. Lopez looking like a nice girl (or not) from the Bronx who married kinda a putz who did great in the plumbing business, thus, affording his glitz-hungry wife the chance to dress like she's 718 royalty.

What happened to the old J.Lo, the babe who was slit down to there and who had her hair fancy-assed up to everywhere? It was all so effortlessly over-the-top, know what I mean?

Now, it looks like how the nice and proper girl from the hood thinks she's supposed to look, now that she's no longer single, dating guys with guns and provoking masses of folks with her supple bod. Tough gal Gwen Stefani sure didn't lose her stuff after procreating, why the hell should one of the town's most sexy strutters? Isn't this what stylists are for?

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