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Welcome back, tubers! Lots to cover today, so let's dive in!

Mila in Athens, Ga.: Lady, Grey's Anatomy is back in two weeks. I'll take two scoops, please!
At your service, milady. Please take this scoop ticket to the spoiler section to pick up your dish.

Hailee in Tigard, Ore.: So what's the deal with the new promos for Grey's Anatomy?
After two promos were pulled for being a wee bit misleading, we now have a glorious payoff: A sneak peek of Cristina's first meeting with Owen Hunt (Kevin McYummyDeliciousKidd of Rome and Journeyman). Yay! I personally cannot wait for Grey's Anatomy to return next week so we can get more McKiddery.

Lenalis in Poland: Will something happen this season on House between Cuddy and House?

Don't tell anyone I told you, but the spoiler section is your friend.

Marta: Fringe is too freaky for me! I'm a wuss. Does it get any less scary?
Truth be told, the second episode is perhaps even more intense and shocking than the first and involves a scene that will make Sigourney Weaver's alien birth look like a walk in the park. But it is very compelling, and I have to say, I think I'm hooked after the very end of the episode. Watch for the last flash and then please tell me WTF. (Who the frak?!) P.S. You can watch this episode without having seen the first and still easily follow, so it's not too late to get in: Tuesday on Fox.

Judi in Manchester, N.H.: Please cover Prison Break soon. I haven't seen anything lately. Help me. I am dying!
Did my exclusive set visit video mean nothing to you? Sigh. I thought we had something! OK, check back tomorrow when I'll be spilling some Scofield scoop, just for you.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Anne in Boston: On Grey's Anatomy, I heard that McSteamy got Callie pregnant and that their baby is the new love in his life. Tell me it's true! McSteamy offspring would be sooo cute.
As much as I agree on the cute, I checked, and this will not come to pass. According to my sources, Callie is definitely not pregnant, either by McSteamy or George, and don't let nobody tell you different. 

Nicole in Honolulu: George has been with, like, everyone on Grey's Anatomy. He even saw Bailey's vajayjay. Is Lexie next in line for a little O'Malley magic?
According to my Grey's sources, Lexie and George don't have a romance this season that's a major storyline (at least, not in the first part of the season); however, two other doctors we love (besides MerDer) will be hooking up, and it is most definitely major. Guesses? Comment!

Kim in Tampa, Fla.: I just finished the first season of Eli Stone, and I am already going into withdrawal. Got any scoop to hold me over until the new season starts, especially about Katie Holmes' part?
Katie Holmes dances! Katie Holmes' dance number in an upcoming ep of Eli Stone is hot and sultry (look out, Tom!), but her character, Grace, is massively clumsy. However, it is her clumsiness that leads her to meet Eli in the first place, so it turns out to be a good thing. Also, Eli's brain aneurysm is back (ruh-roh). However, Eli's brother also discovers a journal written by their father, which offers more than a little guidance on the way forward.

Jackie in Des Moines, Iowa: I need House news!
And you'll get it! I hit the House set last week to chat up the cast, so check back tomorrow to see for yourself what Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer, Kal Penn, Olivia Wilde, Peter Jacobsen and Omar Epps had to say about season five! Between now and then, I can tell you Hugh and Lisa danced around the Huddy hookup Q's, but they will clearly be making whoopee (or at the very least, tonsil hockey) sooner rather than later this season. In other couples news, Cameron and Chase are together. (Sorry Hameron fans. Post your wails and laments in the comments.)

Jennifer in Calabasas, Calif.: You said we'd laugh our butts off when we learned the identity of the new Dunder Mifflin receptionist on The Office. Is it Jan?
Nope. It's not Jan, and in fact, it's not a girl character at all. 

Teri Hatcher

Nancy Kaszerman/

Bella in New York City: Please tell me something good will happen in the premiere of Desperate Housewives; the finale was so sad last year.
We're going to see why Mike and Susan split up, and it involves a seriously bad car accident. Also, a certain 5-year-old will be missing from Bree Hodge's house, and it's a sad goodbye. Also, Lynette's twins have grown into pretty cute teenagers—in fact, I'm on set today, and I can tell you these boys (Max and Charlie) are going to have screaming-girl groupies off-screen and a cougar love interest (shhh...) onscreen in no time.

Rachel in Mesa, Ariz.: Any details on the new man heading for Wisteria Lane?
Neal McDonough
's Dave Williams is Edie's new man, and he is just downright scary. Among other things, he's got a leash on Edie, although not the fun S&M kind.

Abe: Psst...Any secrets on Fringe?
Just like Sydney Bristow, Olivia (Anna Torv) was recruited for a reason, and Peter (Josh Jackson) has a "medical history" his father is hiding from him. These seem to be the early overarching questions that will go for a while—along with what is "the Pattern," what Mark Valley's deal was and how is Anna Torv's hair so shiny? Although I may be the only one who cares about that last thing.

Maria: Is there any hope for Ethan and Annie on 90210?
Well, they do almost kiss in an upcoming episode...Tee-hee-hee.

Lindsay in Sedona, Ariz.: Need 90210 scoop!
The seventh episode is called "Hollywood Forever." There's a famous cemetery here in L.A. called Hollywood Forever, and it's famous in the business for its "cemetery screening series," where kids go to watch movies outdoors amongst the gravestones. Our new WestBev friends go there together for a group date in a spooky setting.

Mary-Louise Parker

Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press

Jennifer in Cleveland: I love Esteban and Nancy on Weeds. They are smoking hot! Please tell me that there will be more for next year.
I can downright guarantee there will be more of Esteban and Nancy next year. You may be asking yourself why I can guarantee it...and all I can say is you have to watch tonight's finale.

Jean in Chicago: Do Nancy and Andy hook up anytime soon on Weeds?
As of the finale, there is no Botwin hookup, but someone does point out to Andy that he's in love with his dead brother's wife. Other things to look forward to in the finale: There's a new drug dealer in the family and a long-lost relative returns with a plan to commit felony kidnapping. Don't forget to catch the finale tonight on Showtime. It is 100 percent must-see TV.

Michele D. in Orange, Calif.: I'm dying to know some Chuck scoop! Are Chuck and Sarah finally going to have a real relationship instead of the act they have to put on to keep their cover?
If you are longing for some real lovin', look no further than the season premiere! Chuck finally gets the nerve to ask Sarah out on an actual date, and to his surprise she says yes! Romance is definitely in the air but as-per-usual, trouble ensues—the restaurant where they're having their date is chock-full of assassins—and their evening is cut short.

Heather in Pasadena, Calif.: Any more scoop on Seth Green's guest role on My Name Is Earl?
Mindy Sterling is set to play Seth Green's mother in the premiere episode. (She played his mom in Austin Powers!) Seth's character is a Make-a-Wish kid whose wish to ride a pony in the New Year's Day parade was ruined by none other than Earl.

Lucy Liu

Dan Herrick/

Andy in Long Beach, Calif.: What's coming up on the premiere of Dirty Sexy Money?
A George and a Darling kiss, and before you assume it is Karen and Nick, think again. Also, said Darling gets it on with Nola Lyons (Lucy Liu), a Darling is going to die and another will be arrested. It's rough being filthy rich, no? 

Aaron in San Diego: More Dirty Sexy-ness please!
The Darling summer home goes up in flames. Is it an accident or arson? Tune in next week to find out the truth!

Holly in San Jose, Calif.: It feels like it's been so long since I've seen Samantha Who? What's the scoop?
Sam is branching out from her parent's nest this year and returning to her old place. What's the first thing you do when you're on your own? Dance naked, come on! And of course, in true Sam fashion, she won't be alone. Sam will soon discover that she can really dance, or at least she used to be able to. Look for Regina Newly's (Jean Smart) infamous nemesis to pop up, played by the infamous Cybill Shepherd.

Tara in San Diego: It seems like freshman year has gone on forever on Greek! Will initiation ever happen?
It's coming up at the end of this season actually. Rusty is going to have to seriously prove himself when his initiation into Kappa Tau is threatened. It seems the boys don't have faith that he is truly one of their bros. While Rusty is having trouble, Calvin is taking easy street; having the pledge educator as your big brother has its perks you know? But Calvin had better be careful—I don't think his pledge brothers like his lack of manual labor very much.

Becky in Buffalo, N.Y.: I love Sons of Anarchy! I'll take any spoilers you may have, but am not to proud to ask if there's anything good coming up between Jax and Tara.
Tara's funky old car has mechanical problems. Jax is a mechanic. Worlds collide! Actually, car trouble brings them closer together in the short term, but it's a third party (nonautomotive) that really ignites the season-long Jax-Tara arc. (Which, I might add, is so good it will just about kill you.) Also, in the next couple of eps, look for some comedic subplots with cutie Juice, who is played by the adorable and very nice Theo Rossi.

Eliza Dushku

Chris Farina/

Idina in Toronto: Thank you so much for the Dollhouse info! Got anything else juicy?
One of the castmembers whispered, "I hear there's an episode where the dolls might wake up and realize they're all dolls." No telling if that's still in Joss' grand plan but sounds like an awesome installment, no?

Alexa in Detroit: I loved Terminator's premiere. Got any dish on the Connors or the Reeses?
Josh Friedman told me last week: "The story of Sarah Connor's cancer will continue this season. It's something that I like to keep alive. We're not going to be doing any 'Sarah Connor's getting radiation treatment' episodes any time in the future, but it looms." Actually cancer will come up again in tonight's episode. Oh, and Josh Friedman also warned me before we spoke at the Fox party that he might or might not be telling the truth about anything he said. I caught episode two this weekend at a special Terminator screening and signing event at Golden Apple Comics (check out the photos and a supershort video), and as it turns out, there are definitely more than three Terminators running around L.A...

Jon in Maine: Got any goodies about Battlestar Galactica?
According to Helo himself (Tahmoh Penikett), "Everybody dies. We have a dark ending...Obviously you know, those last couple of episodes, they're going to blow your mind. They are going to go down in history as the best television ever done." Now, before you freak out, remember the Six Feet Under finale? Everybody dies eventually.

Frank in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico: Do you have anything juicy on True Blood? I'm starting to get hooked on it!
In episode four, Sookie and Bill go to that vamp club in Shreveport and meet Eric, a huge part of the show's mythology, played by superfine Swede Alexander Skarsgård. Admittedly, the hotness is somewhat diminished by the silly wig, but I'm sure you'll forgive him. Anyway, like vampire Bill, vampire Eric is intrigued by Sookie's telepathic abilities. Also, more of the Merlotte's waitresses are in danger, and we start to get an idea about the identity of the serial killer. (Returning to the scene of the crime to roll around on the victim's bed screams guilty to you, too, right?)

OK, that's all for now, but if you have any other burning TV Q's for which you need answers, email me at!

 —Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams and Jennifer Godwin

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