Battlestar Galactica cruise ship, Richard Hatch; Robert Roux/

Actor Richard Hatch isn't the first person to celebrate a 30th anniversary with a cruise. Now a Battlestar Galactica cruise…

Monday in Los Angeles, Hatch and nearly 100 other Galactica-friendly travelers, from stars of the original show to fans, will set sail on a five-day, four-night round-trip cruise to Mexico, and, along the Pacific Ocean way, mark the sci-fi series' 1978 premiere.

"Cruises are nice," Hatch says. "For me, the X factor is that I happen to be a people person."

A longtime Galactica champion, Hatch starred as the first Capt. Apollo on the 1978-79 series, and, for the past four years, has appeared as activist-agitator Tom Zarek on the acclaimed Sci Fi Channel redo. Other original Galactica veterans scheduled to board include Terry Carter (Col. Tigh) and Sarah Rush (Flight Cpl. Rigel).

In all, eight actors and two behind-the-scenes players, composer Stu Phillips and writer Terrence McDonnell, will set sail, along with about 85 fans.

A fan club—Battlestar Fanclub, natch—organized the event, dubbed Galacticruise.

"Never in my wildest imagination did I ever imagine doing a cruise with these people," says Shawn O'Donnell, the club president.

Cruises are nothing new to Hatch. A veteran of the fandom scene, he's hosted events on ships as well as on land.

While the conventions of a traditional convention—dealer rooms, autograph sessions, etc.—are familiar to the genre actor, the idea of a cruise can be intimidating.

"Some people are concerned they won't have any privacy," Hatch says. "I tell people, this is a big boat. If you want to be alone, you can be alone."

Indeed, the Galacticruise will be but one event on a commercial cruise ship that can, and will, hold up to about 2,000 passengers. Not that the extradedicated fan can't stand out if he, or she, so desires.

Hatch recalls one cruise where his Galatica costar Dirk Benedict (Lt. Starbuck) was "stalked" by a couple of women. But that's the exception, he says, not the rule.

"People are very respectful on cruises," Hatch says.

On Galacticruise, fans and show alums will mingle at several scheduled events, including a screening of the series pilot, which first aired on ABC Sept. 17, 1978.

"I will hope that everybody has a moment," O'Donnell says. "All of us are very, very excited."

After all, outside of Galactica 1980, you don't run into real-live Colonialists on Earth.

Or at sea.

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