Matthew McConaughey, Kay McConaughey

AP Photo/Tammie Arroyo

Dead-nooky revealer Kay McConaughey made our Pissed List a couple of weeks back due to a little TMI she dropped in her new book, I Amaze Myself (how very Britney of her, really), but it seems that her son, Matthew, doesn't hold such a grudge. Although M2 said he had "zero heads-up" of advance notice of his mom's book, he was on XM & Sirius' Yo on E! today saying he's A-OK with all of it, even though she self-promotes her book during his premieres.

"When we go down that red carpet at one of my movies, she's on the carpet longer than I am selling her book," Matt-babe gabbed. So does he harbor any ill will 'bout it all? "I've read it, and it's pretty good. It's a bunch of wildass stories that are mostly, mostly, true...She is a life of force, man. She's led a great life, and she's got some stories worth telling, so I'm all for it, man."

Ew, so that means that Kay's hubby really did bite the bullet while he was doing the nasty with her? Well, even with your blessing M, we still find it quite unnecessary to declare. No wonder you get bombed all over South America and sing that sorry fact to the high tabloid heavens. Like schtupped mama, like schnockered son.

—Additional sass by Taryn Ryder

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