Maddox Jolie- Pitt

Claudio Giovannini/AFP/Getty Images

We can’t blindly guess the futures of celebrity offspring without including the Jolie-Pitt kids, so this whole week it's going to be all Jolie-Pitts, all the time in “Most Likely” land, starting with the original, before-there-was-a-hyphen Pitt: Maddox.

It would be a pretty accurate to say we’re totally jealous of the 7-year-old. Not only does he get to travel to exciting countries, stay in all the ritziest places and do the coolest things, but he does all that with Brad Pitt at his side. Yeah, it’d be pretty awesome to be Maddox.

So awesome that we nominate him for Most Likely to Be the Awesomest Person to Do Awesome Things Like Travel to Space and Fight Alien Dinosaurs and Win.

As always, the floor is now open for your suggestions.

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