Sarah Palin

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We have a somewhat worrisome but terribly cheeky check-in from deep inside enemy territory, i.e., Bush country, so prepare yourselves:

Desk DeeCee, our trusty White House operative (remember this is the primo-positioned peep who first let us in on the damning fact that GWB was imbibing again and that Laura had temporarily ditched 1600 Pennsylvania for a bit) is "torn," regarding her party's VP choice, Sarah Palin.

"She certainly is polarizing," Desk Dee said of the bouffant babe. "But McCain was smart to choose someone like her so that Obama isn't the only potential history-maker in this race, and I think the Bristol Palin stuff is just fascinating," revealed the GOP operative, slightly breathlessly, proving even obstinate old red types like their sex and goss as much as the rest of us politically incorrect heathens.

Other than Palin's polarizing and scandal potential (take the notorious, doctored pic above, for ince), how does the Bush crony feel about Sarah P.'s total lack of training for the possible No. 2 job? Like, hello, no foreign policy experience? "Neither does Obama," our sometimes snappish Desk D. snapped, big-time. "Look, I don't love her, but I don't hate her," opined our highly positioned mover 'n' shaker. "She's the governor of an incredibly influential state when it comes to energy policy, and she's always been pretty well respected among her fellow governors. I think if she were a man, none of this personal s--t would matter, and no one would be posting pictures of a male governor from Alaska in his swim trunks, holding a gun or not."

Well, I suppose Desk D does have a point there. But then again, Hillary never was the beauty-pageant type, so I say it's all fair in the bikini-clad end.

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