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Sean Penn should be clearing off some room off his mantel, 'cause he'll fer sure have a load of new trophies taking up space once his newest movie, Milk, comes out, as it were. Just check out the trailer. We bet you'll be crying over leaked Milk just like us.

The bio-flick's about the first openly gay man, Harvey Milk, elected to public office. Sure, we're a bit bias on the subject matter, maybe, but we smell another Brokeback-type breakout as far as buzz and little gold men go. Don't forget that little fagola portrayal in Capote exquisitely helped pave Philip Seymour Hoffman's golden road to Oscar.

Come on, you know that's how it usually goes down in T-town. The chicks get Academy Awards out the wazoo for playing hookers and sluts; dudes get it for handicaps and homos. Always, trust us on this one.

Indeed, we hope the film is the trailer, it's that good. We're worried hit-or-miss director Gus Van Sant'll find some way to ef up all the poignant drama he's crammed into a two-minute preview. For every Good Will Hunting, this guy's got a Psycho remake, so the jury's still out till December as far as the full-length version goes.

Wonder what would have happened if Seanie had helmed the flick himself? We know he knows a thing or two about working behind the scenes in difficult conditions after surviving both Into the Wild and his marriage to Madonna. Plus, hear he was more up for the same-sex stuff than was our very darling but sometimes bitchy James Franco. You know how tough and ready for anything those Irishmen are, usually.

Cream of the Crop or a Flop?
What do you think of the trailer for Milk?

—Additional English-screwin' reporting by Becky Bain

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