Chris Brown, Adrien Grenier, Michael Rapport, Evan Agostini/Getty Images,

Chris Brown at the Beverly Center, signing hats at Lids. Tweens were screaming their lungs out over the hip-hop wunderkind—GF Rhianna was nowhere in sight, otherwise we know girl woulda let the claws fly out to keep her man safe from all the rabid fans foaming for her man. Unforch, none of the ecstatic young'uns were allowed to take photos with or even of C.B. (store policy, not his), and tons of parents were getting “pretty surly”, says our eyes witnessing this mall madness. C’mon, folks, that’s why camera phones were invented, to snap on the sly. Not getting hounded by a bunch of hotties for once was…

Adrian Grenier, in a very anti-Entourage act, hanging in Hell-Ay solo for once. The scruffy stud was looking scrumptious with his windows rolled down, cruisin’ down La Cienega in WeHo. So does Ad-babe roll as ritzy offscreen as he does on? Not exactly. A.G. opts for an ecofriendly black Prius instead of any of that flashy shiz. Must say, we totally approve, 'cause it def fits the adorable granola look he’s got goin’. Also sans his posse was…

Michael Rapaport, eating solo at Azami Sushi in Hell-Ay. Sitting at the soosh bar all by his lonesome, dude was slumped over his sashimi like he was nursing a pretty pained head, babecakes, keeping to himself, looking mighty pissed off. Actually, does this dude have another expression besides annoyed? He’s as predictably crab-puss as…

Eric Dane, who's totally munchalicious, just like the lunch he was having at Comme Ça, the totally divine French café in West Hollywood, across the street from the more snitty Ago, on Melrose. The Grey's Anatomy hunk was dining on a salad—no steak frites for this X-Men fox!—and gabbing with some chick-agent type who seemed all biz and hardly drool-ready, such the fool. E.D. was in a baseball cap, jeans and whiskers, ready to razor-burn Becky (Gayheart, not Bain) we're certain.

—With additional English-screwin' reporting by Becky Bain and Taryn Ryder

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