Suri Cruise

Hector Vallenilla,

Yesterday we voted Kingston Rossdale as most likely to wind up as a superhip, superawesome DJ. We didn’t see many objections from you, so let’s continue our celebrity baby fan fiction with one of our favorite obsessions here—Suri Cruise.

Already sporting Burberry and Armani dresses with killer Mary Janes, Suri’s definitely going to know fashion. This paired with an interesting Tom Cruise upbringing will most likely cause Miss Cruise to develop a fashion sense light-years ahead of the average human being—thus sending her into bizarro Olsen twin territory. Not a bad place to be, albeit lonely.

And that’s why Suri gets our vote for Most Likely to Become a Highly Criticized but Still Respected Fashion Icon. Never fear, S.Cru (we’re still working the nickname, btw), we’ll always have your back—no matter what crazy rags you wear on your Starbucks runs.

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