Samuel L. Jackson

Ferdaus Shamim/Getty Images

Highly respected actor Samuel L. Jackson has long been known for his complete and utter commitment to a part, and now the star is speaking out in no uncertain terms against what he feels is a disturbing lack of realism in his upcoming law-enforcement thriller, Lakeview Terrace. He has pinpointed one scene in particular: “It is a bachelor party, and we have three strippers at the party. But it is a PG movie, so there aren't any titties,” an irate Jackson told showbizspy.  “We have three strippers at the party, and none of them have their top off.” The dedicated actor’s professional ire was raised further due to the presence of police in the scene. “You have forty drunken cops in a house with three strippers? And nobody is naked? I don't f--king think so!”

It’s not the first time Jackson has raised the issue: Soup Blog reporters have unearthed alleged comments detailing the same complaint about his previous films. “The Phantom Menace? Revenge of the Sith? Talk about movies that needed titties! Patriot Games was an excellent film, but a few titties could have put it over the top. Same with Resurrecting the Champ. It’s a moving, compelling story of a man’s redemption, but what’s more compelling than titties? Now Snakes on a Plane, look how much titties did for that!”

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