Like the lascivious lemmings we so loyally always tend to be, everybody's pooh-poohing galore the pregnancy of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's teenage daughter, Bristol. Up in Bristol Arms, let's call it. So stupid.

I guarantee you two things: If Palin had been a man, this moralistic dissection of her daughter's ways with men, condoms, or the lack thereof, and her sexuality, in general, would have been big—but not nearly as big. Sarah is being seen as somehow responsible for the pregnancy—as if she were the one doing the deed in the first place, such crap. Let's agree with Obama on this one—the families of politicians, just like celebrities, did not ask for this microscopic spotlight, so let's get it off them, already.

And second, and more important, let's get that friggin' spot on why the hell McCain doesn't want to get us out of Iraq before five more years, minimum. That's an issue worth our outrage, not this.

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