Doug Reinhardt

FAME Pictures

Consider it an early prezzie for all you nasty heathens who are so busy saying our fab new yellow blog is badder than Michael Jackson's bedtime manners. Remember that biz last week about Paris Hilton possibly going into a bathroom with Lauren Conrad's discarded man trash, Doug Reinhardt? Paris insisted it never happened. Hmm. Well, OK, GF.

But look, we see a potential pattern here 'cause, what a coinky-dink, turns out Doug's actually the one and only Mr. Dexter Lecter himself from One Skanky 'n' Straight Blind Vice. We're sure you remember that salacious little installment about the dude who whispered at a club he could only screw our leggy source "in two positions," should she be interested. She wasn't, fool.

'Course, probably saved the babe bum loads of embarrassment later on, but whatever. Really, this is all suddenly smelling very Rick Salomon again, and I don't mean that in a good kinda stinky way, hons.

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