Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears

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This '90s trend is really buggin' the ef out of us. First Katie Holmes rolls up her jeans, Mary-Kate wears flannel like it's going out of style (it has, hon) and now Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears are back together?

The former Moustketeers are reportedly planning to duet on B-babe's upcoming album. This ain't a new plan, apparently—the duo was 'sposed to collaborate on B.S.' Blackout, but Spearsy never showed up to the recording sesh, most likely ill-advised by Adnan and Sam Lutfi. Damn, 'member those names from back in the Frapp-swiggin' days? It's been a while.

We don't know who's benefiting the least from this PR pair up. It certainly ain't Jive Records, who would love some of that J.T. fame now that its client's last music offering (which, personally, we think was her best, even in her chaotic state of mind at the time) made meager moola. But does Justin really need to downgrade by dueting with an ex when he's already guested on Madonna's last hit?

Forget Madge, even—Justin can have anyone in the music biz come on over to cameo on his next CD. And not to mention, Britters' mental health would be best if she wasn't relinked to a long-ago lover whom some say she never really got over.

Our numero uno guess for the least pleased about Brit and Justin making sweet, sweet music together? Jessica Biel. After seeing what happened with Cameron Diaz, Jessy better be holding on with both hands to this most wanted man. Then again, maybe some actually impressive vocals would be a nice change on one of Brit-Brit's albums.

Click the jump and check out yourself what B.S. sounds like with the lip-synch turned off. As pretty as her hair extensions, ain't it?

But really, let’s forget all this Biz crap and get to the real issue here: Do Brit ‘n’ Just still have the hots for each other? Shouldn’t they just get to the pelvis-thrusting point and get back together, already?

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—With additional English-effing reportage by Becky Bain

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