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Yay! The Ryan Walker casting derby for season three of ABC's Brothers & Sisters (starting Sept. 28) has begun. Yes, William Walker's (Tom Skerritt) real illegitimate spawn—not to be confused with Rebecca (Emily VanCamp), William Walker's fake illegitimate spawn—will be joining the cast later this season. Here's what I can tell you:

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• Ryan is an "All-American golden boy" reminiscent of the Kennedys and/or that football player who sat in the front row of your 10th-grade English class.

• If the character works out, he may well become a regular the season after next (season four).

• He could begin shooting his part at the beginning of October, which means he'd probably first appear for November sweeps.

• Sources tell me that Kitty (Calista Flockhart) will take a road trip to Bakersfield with another main character in hopes of finding the elusive "R" Walker.

• We will meet the man who raised Ryan, and who Ryan believes to be his real father. That character will be played by David Andrews. Ryan's biological mother is dead, so we won't have a second Holly on our hands.

• We've also heard that Ryan may have something in common with Justin (Dave Annable): drugs. However, Ryan was only involved on the flip side: selling.

OK, the comments are open and waiting for your picks: Who would you love to play the part of Ryan Walker? Producers are most likely looking for someone who could pass as both the son of Tom Skerritt and David Andrews, naturally. So sound off below, and we'll try to pass along your picks to the powers that be!

(And to make sure you don't miss the Brothers & Sisters' premiere on Sept. 28 at 10 p.m. on ABC, hit the Fall Premiere Reminders at right.)

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