Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan really does make parsing her too easy, and as much as we’d like to ignore her, it’s impossible. She just won’t stop with the blogging.

In today’s nonsensical MySpace ramblings, Brooke starts the party with “I hate blogs but I love mine. Cause I can be F-in REAL with people!!!!”

So let’s get F-in REAL and clarify that "women have too much PMS to be president" statement:

"Notice how i said 'I know IIIIII couldn't do it cause I'd be pms-ing and freaking out all the time' ...Honestly I'd LOVE to meet a woman with NO emotional problems....but thats not the point...but its true. LOL."

So she still believes all women are emotional messes. But why is she not that into voting in the first place? That answer, and more Brookeisms, after the jump...

About voting, Brooke sez:

"I'M personally not up to date on the facts, so I don't wanna make a stupid choice for our country. I WANT to vote but only when I know exactly whats going on. More ppl should think like that."

When and how will she know exactly what’s going on will be no doing of her own, it seems. Maybe she'll know things when she turns 21 next year? Or when she stops futzing around on MySpace? Or she may just have an epiphany on the sunny Miami beaches? No big deal, though, it’s not like she's Kevin Costner's character in Swing Vote. We don’t care if she votes. But the problem here is that the reality star fancies herself a role model:

"I'm just trying to make a difference and give you guys a refreshing change. A young woman who is a LEADER. NOT a follower."

And the place she’s leading her young fans (yes, she has them, the comments on her blog are truly terrifying) is a magical land where people don't work, everyone has a reality show and no one has to spend time knowing anything. Some may even call it paradise. We call it our inevitable frightening future.

Now, we're certain Brooke isn’t going to like our little critique, and she's going to call us lousy gossipmongers. But it’s cool—in the end, Brooke assures us she's praying for our sins.

It’s times like these we really miss Heidi Montag. Come back to us, Speidi!

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