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As Judd Apatow mentioned to us earlier, Grandaddy Jolie-Pitt was in the Pineapple Express house to see the pot comedy, even though the aging actor’s not exactly a fan of the green stuff. “I’m not crazy about drugs,” Jon Voight bravely blabbed to us. “I really think people should keep themselves clean. An actor needs every sense—you can’t afford to deaden your senses.”

Jeez, with half this town on heroin or Botox, or both, doesn’t leave much room for acting au naturel, now does it? No matter. Daughter Angie, at least, seems to have revitalized her senses after her reportedly previous drug-addled past, though not enough to snag that Oscar nom for A Mighty Heart or a nice warm chat with her estranged pops.

Hear more about the Jolie-Voight freeze in the Aug. 7 edition of Truth Lies & Ted, fer sure, but meanwhile, read on:

As to the drug stuff, just say no, says Jon (that advice woulda done some good while he was still an active parent). So what’s the best way to feel high ‘n’ happy without resorting to smoking or snorting? “The best way to get a natural high is to give to somebody else. Do something for somebody else, and you’ll feel terrific.”

Have ya given any baby gifts to Angie-babe’s new babies? “I haven’t had any contact. I heard they’re healthy, and I’m so delighted for them. I love all these kids. I haven’t seen them yet.” J.V. tells us he doesn’t even have any plans to visit the clan in their faraway French villa, despite there certainly being enough room for him—and about a dozen other guests. “Not at the moment, but I’ve been working.”

We’re sure that’s the reason ya haven’t made the trip yet...Not like Angelina still wants little to do with ya. Let bygones be bygones and let the guy see his grandkids, wouldya, Mommie Farthest?

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