Tila Tequila

Jordan Strauss/WireImage.com

Attention men, women and bisexuals! If you’re looking for love with Vietnam’s hottest export since Bun Bo Satee—one Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, aka Tila Tequila (no, she’s not Mexican after all)—you’re in for a load of steaming heartbreak. The diminutive star, who capitalized on her unique skills for posing naked with her show A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, has revealed there will be no more shots at whatever slim, dollar-fueled surface emotion counts as “love” to her Tilaship. Why?

She’s found the real thing with Courtenay Semel, a girl, FYI. “MTV asked me to do another season, but I don't want to do that right now,” offered the smitten sex kitten, whose blossoming relationship has brought her to new levels of self-respect, personal growth and maturity. “I'm going to do something else with my life,” pledged Tequila. “It's time to move on.”



And moving on to "something else" she is. Soup sources claim Tequila is currently considering a show that she feels will highlight her evolved personae. Possible titles include: A Stab at Sex With Tila Tequila, A Chance to Get Into Tila Tequila’s Pants With Tila Tequila and Hey Stranger—Yeah You! You Wanna Do Me or What? With Tila Tequila. Or if we're really lucky, she’ll just bring back Pants-Off Dance-Off. Until then, watch bored Tila talking to a camera. By herself. At night. About lube, light bulbs and the Bible. "It's so much fun being me!" she says. LOL.

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