While many of his peers are busy getting in trouble with the law, Steve Nash is doing something a little more productive with his time. 

Used to dishing out assists on the hardwood, Nash will now be assisting the youth of war-torn Uganda by building a sports and culture centre. Captain Canada will be teaming up with the city of Victoria to build the facility, which will provide sports and art equipment as well as classes and counseling for the area’s youth.

…and boy can they use the help!  Uganda’s just coming off a 21-year civil war that has displaced more than 90% of the population. 

"The youths of that community have experienced absolute horrors," said Nash. "We want to create a centre to give these youths the opportunity we're afforded."

Way to go, Steve!  You’ve got to love when celebrities get involved in serious causes.  As much as we all love spinning rims and icy bling—there’s more to life people!  Has anyone else seen that episode of cribs with the Ying Yang Twins?  It’s enough to make you sick! Ah well, let’s just hope this centre works out better than Oprah’s South African girls’ school...eek. 

PS:  Nash is also set to become a first-time director sometime soon.   He’s signed on to direct a docu-film about Terry Fox and his marathon of hope.  Nash credits Terry Fox for much of the inspiration that’s carried him through his life and career.

Oh, and just for fun.

Check the above video out.  Steve Nash for Step Brothers 2?  He’s got my vote!

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