Katherine Heigl


With all the warnings and advisories on the hazards of smoking, why are so many of the younger celebs, like Katherine or Britney, seen with cigarettes just smoking away?

Remember: People who quit smoking tend to gain weight. As nutritional psychologist Marc David recently told a London paper: "It's a choice, really. You are choosing possible lung cancer and death over treating your body with respect, all in an effort to be slim." Also consider: About 23 percent of men in the United States smoke. Same deal with women: Just over 20 percent. Why do all those other people smoke? You go ahead and start with the men, and I’ll wait over here and answer still more of your Burning Q's.

What is Lindsay Lohan's most-successful/highest-grossing movie to date?

Freaky Friday. Really.

What happened to Denise Richards: It's Complicated? Is it over for the season already?


When a celebrity owns a production company what do they actually do?

They hire a small team of people to read scripts and option projects, usually for the celebrity to star in.

So what if Britney wants to wear a pink wig? She's a young woman. All women like to experiment with their looks.
—Jan Marie

True. But then again, I don't torture the rest of the world with my findings. Instead, I treat you to facts. Here's one: Javier Bardem does a nearly perfect Robert De Niro impression. Saw Bardem do it just the other day. There. Now isn't that better than seeing me parade around in a pink wig?

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