Zac Efron

Miley? She remains zit-free through the pure power of her all-American virginity and the love of the sweet baby Jesus! Plus, weekly wraps in the American flag. I hear those do wonders for acne.

In all seriousness, dear, many of those kids get zits. Though the Los Angeles Times last year described the then-teenage actor Zac Efron as "pimple-free," a New York Times headline declared "It's Pimples, Not Pregnancy, for Miley Cyrus."

Find out how teen stars get rid of their zits super-quick—unless you're squeamish—after the jump.

Thanks to talented makeup artists and care from top dermatologists, fans "just rarely get to see" tween stars' zits, says celebrity makeup artist Rachel Weingarten. (Weingarten worked with Xtina and the Backstreet Boys back when they made the 11-year-olds scream.)

"These kids have the best and most expensive skin care in the world," Weingarten explains. "When a zit appears, their dermatologists can actually inject it, usually with a mild steroid or cortisone."

The offending blemish then mellows within a few hours and disappears within a day or two, "just in time for a concert or appearance," Weingarten says, and there's "no scarring."

Unless you count the emotional kind; sorry if that image made you cringe.

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