Rihanna, Adam Levine, Maroon 5 "If I Never See Your Face Again" (music video)

Anthony Mandler

Rihanna could be doing some summer lovin' with Adam Levine.

"The possibilities are endless,” Levine says.

We're talking about work, people!

The Maroon 5 frontman says there's a definite possibility that the Barbadian beauty could be a surprise guest during their upcoming Skittle and Starburst-sponsored nationwide tour with Counting Crows and Sara Bareilles.

Yeah, but what would Chris Brown think of all that?

He probably wouldn't mind, because he apparently had no trouble with Levine and Rihanna sexin' it up in the video for Maroon 5's remix of their song "It Won't Be Soon Before Long."

I caught up with the hunky Levine this morning, a day before the launch of the tour, to find what he has to say about working with Rihanna, his yoga obsession and why he and the Crows will be flipping a lot of coins this summer:

How did you end up working with Rihanna?
We thought we needed a female touch, and you know, she was just perfect. We really wanted to get a great female singer to add to the song. She was our first choice and we made it happen, and we love her.

What was it like working with her?
It was amazing. She’s incredible, you know? She’s so talented, so beautiful, so sweet. She’s the complete package, the whole package.

You guys have some steamy scenes in the music video, were you nervous that her boyfriend Chris Brown might get jealous?
No, no. Chris is cool.

You recently said you practice yoga because there are so many beautiful women in the classes. Are you able to keep up with it on the road?
Yeah, I do it all the time. We’re fortunate enough to have a private instructor out with us who is with us every day, so we practice. So it really helps. It helps your brain, it helps your body. It helps your life in general.

Does the rest of the band do it, too?
[Carmichael] practices a lot. James [Valentine] practices a little. Everyone’s getting into it. Mickey [Madden] is doing it now. It’s really pretty great for us all to do together. It’s really a great thing for us all to do together. It’s really gratifying.

You and the Counting Crows are switching off on opening for each other. How do you decide who is doing what each night?
Flip a coin. It’s a crap shoot. We choose certain cities, they choose certain cities. We give a little, take a little.

—Additional reporting by Alexis Brunswick

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