Tyra Banks (wax figure)

Michael Carpenter/ WENN, Carrie Devorah / WENN

It looks like a meltdown may be imminent in the world of wax celebrities. Reports earlier this month indicated that the wax Tyra Banks recently unveiled at Madame Tussauds Museum in Washington, D.C. was happy with her treatment at the hands of Tussauds stylists and was mixing well with other wax celebs in the Glamour wing of the famous museum. However, with the unveiling of a second—and already hugely popular—wax Tyra at the attraction’s New York location this week, the D.C. version is on the war path.

“There is only one wax Tyra, and that other thing can kiss my waxy black ass! She looks like a pile of melted-down lips!” spouted the enraged figure as the motionless paraffin J.Lo stared in shock. “Where’d she get that wig, off a mannequin at Charlotte Russe?”

Apparently the heated rift began after the NYC wax Tyra garnered major headlines and was photographed with adoring human fans. Posing saucily with hands on hips forever, the immobile D.C. Tyra statue added, “If they stuck a wick in her damn head and fired her up, she’d smell like a stick of discount Budzilla incense!” The New York wax Tyra had no comment.

With yet another Tussaud's due to bow in Hollywood in the spring, Banks reppers refused to comment on how a potential third, West Coast, waxen Tyra might factor into the fray.

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