Nicky Hilton hits Sin City the very same night her South Beach show was supposed to go down, Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez dance around my dalliance Q's and Diane Lane's man hits the carpet without his better half yet again...what gives, babycakes?
Nicky Hilton

Donato Sardella/

Oh, on questionable things involving “celebrities,” let’s do Nicky Hilton today, Tom Cruise tomorrow, ‘kay?

Remember all that nonsense last week for Miami’s fashion shows, one of which was going to be Nicky showing off one of her new lines? (Prolly a new crop of purses with hidden compartments for all sorts of naughty goodies would be my guess.) Well, Ms. H. canceled due to “personal issues.”

I see.

Nicky Hilton, David Katzenberg

Chris Weeks/

Why, then, does N.H. show up at Tao in Las Vegas shortly after 2 a.m. with beau David Katzenberg and about 10 amigos? This rich bitch painted that town, too, trust. Was clubbin’ everywhere. Too fun! Too la vida vampin’! You go, gonzo girlfriend!

But please, cut the crap about committing to one biz thang, doin’ another. Either you’re in or you’re out, which is it?

Or were you just not all that serious about your career?

(So unlike your sis.)

Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez

Jesse Grant/

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s new double feature, Grindhouse, premiered Monday night at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Hell-Ay. The flick features Rose McGowan with a machine gun for a leg, Kurt Russell using his car to kill innocent babes and other fab gore galore.

You’ll remember that this is also the same flick, filmed in Texas, where Rosie and Robbie supposedly got cozy while he was still married—a nasty sitch about which their reps refused to comment to moi, on many an occasion.

But it certainly seemed Miz McGowan had R2 on the brain when she was getting dressed for the evening.

Rose McGowan

Jerome Ware/

“Well, I met Robert wearing a long, red dress,” said Marilyn Manson’s ex-honey, when asked by a reporter (not moi, of course) why she chose her sex-ay silk number. “So, I thought I would give him a tip of the hat.”

And speaking of scarlet, Rose told me that blood, guts 'n' gross ain’t exactly her thang.

“I have a very hard time with scary movies,” she said. “I have to hide behind my hands. But this one is so funny. You’re kind of laughing and hiding at the same time.”

Seems Rose McG. was also hiding from my final question: Any on-set hookups? She pretended not to hear (or perhaps she really didn’t) and walked away.

At least Robert answered my query...sorta.

“I never get to hear about any of those,” he said, when I asked about any romance connections. “I’m sure there were, but they’re probably broken up by the time I get to hearing anything about it.”

Oh, sure, I so believe you.

Josh Brolin, Diane Lane

Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press

Equally suspicious was that Josh Brolin, who stars in said flick—he hit the carpet without honey Diane Lane for the umpteenth time. Now, Di’s rep insisted everything was A-okay between the couple when I asked why he didn’t attend the Hollywoodland premiere with her a while back.

So, I did a little search for the last time the twosome were seen all red carpet together...and can you friggin’ believe, according to my looky-loo engine, it was almost four years ago! In June of 2003, for gawd’s sake!

Still towin’ the same marital-bliss line, Camp Lane? Do tell!

How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris


Neil Patrick Harris, playing house. Neil was spotted coming out of Bed, Bath & Beyond in Chelsea last weekend, loaded down with bedding, candles and potpourri. N.P.H. was sporting a tee, jeans and oversize Nicole Richie-esque shades, and was accompanied by a good-looking, dark-haired dude. Seems he was in InWhySee to yuk it up with Kelly Ripa as a guest host while Regis recovers from surgery. Speaking of goin’ under the knife, let’s check in with...
Star Jones Reynolds

Eugene Gologursky/

Star  Jones Reynolds, celebrating her birthday (again) in South Beach. Social at the Sagamore on Friday. I’m just thrilled to report that her hubby, Al, was finally in the house, as he was missing in action when we last checked in with Star. This time she (not Al) was in a Cavalli-esque halter dress, huge gold bracelets and her wedding ring. Ivana Trump also was on the guest list for the not so exclusive event. Think Miz Tee and Star gossed about Rosie O’Donnell together? A much more prim, political type back East was...
Maria Shriver

Steve Granitz/

Maria Shriver, dining with her daughter. Arnold’s better half was fresh off a stint covering for Larry King and hit Old Original Bookbinder’s in Philly for some refueling. Maria, in a black sweater and sneaks, ordered a Cobb salad and New England clam chowder, which she actually ate, for the calorie-counting record. Also hear M.S. was “very pleasant with the staff and an extremely generous tipper.” Hope their waiter was a fruit, as Maria's gay-bashin’ other half has a lot to give back to those they’ve denied.
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