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Lance and Reichen ring in 2007 together, but is it really happily ever after for these two? Yeah, and I'm Justin Timberlake's next S.O.! Speaking of fishy phooey, what's up with possibly wedded Kate Moss' and Pete Doherty's wacko wardrobes? And how's the single life treatin' Vince Vaughn and Tom Brady? Like you really need to ask...

Jennifer Aniston

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Oh, so Jen Aniston was down in Cabo over the holidays with new BFF Sheryl Crow. Gosh, wonder which jaded goss-ass tipped everybody off to that wash-the-creeps-right-
outta-their-coiffures twosome so long ago? You got it. This one.

And isn't it so interesting how similar these babes' exes have become, those daring bachelors, Vince Vaughn and Lance Armstrong? Girls, what is it that has you whispering in each other's ears so much as of late? Bonding over your baddie boys, are ya?

Oh, and in all my scoopage about New Year's Eve kisses 'n' disses yesterday, something was missing, and that was—I'm so very sorry about this—a Lance 'n' Reichen report! Duh!

Reichen Lehmkhul, Lance Bass

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I mean, how the hell could we start off 2007 properly without an update on our most fave on 'n' off he-ho's?

Thank gawd for my sandy South Beach source, Martin Haro, who has the lusty latest on these bawdy boys. Happy to report that after their little Hawaiian holiday a few weeks ago, L&R hit Miami to semi-raunchily ring in the New Year together. Good news, right?

See, the dudes were spotted dancin' with a bunch of friends by the pool at the Delano shortly before midnight. But later, when L&R retreated out of public eye to a cabana alongside Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Michelle Trachtenberg, things got much chillier.

Michelle Trachtenberg

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"They barely interacted for about 40 minutes," mouthed Martin, who was on the humid scene, per usual. "Lance was dancing with a gal-pal; Reichen was hanging with Jamie-Lynn and Michelle."

No damn skinny-dipping in the pool, already? No slobbering tongue-baths by either boy on either one's epidermis. In other words: stone-cold platonic hangin'—or so it would appear to nearby busybods.

So, what's the weirdo deal, you two? Are you only lovey-dovey when you think peeps are watchin'? Or were the boys just busy gossipin' with the girls?

This girl says it's all just (hardly) mushy merde to keep us gossips in a twitter. So, here's my one 'n' only New Year's resolution: no more L&R goss till I see one of 'em (preferably Lance) pork the other in some not-so-subtly accidentally released sex tape. Got that, you two?

Vince Vaughn

John Sciulli/WireImage.com

Vince Vaughn, seemingly so over Jennifer Aniston. The towering dude was spotted dining at Chaya Venice over the holidays with 10 people, including one brunette girl who had her hand on V's slightly chunky leg. The good-looking group shared "lots of bottles of wine," for the well-lubricated record. Shopping for less caloric sustenance solo was...
Kirsten Dunst

Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

Kirsten Dunst, stopping to smell the flowers at Whole Foods. Kiki was in all dark colors, perhaps to match her mood? "She seemed sad," reports my shopping spy. Maybe she just had a wedgie, as my eagle-eyed organic type reports K.D.'s jeans were "really tight and up her butt!" Ouch, or just plain yuck, I'm not sure which exactly. The eclectic gal also was sporting a pink pair of Top-Siders. Oddballs elsewhere included...
Boy George

Jon Fumiss/WireImage.com

Boy George, eatin' breakfast in the Valley. New Year's Eve. Twain's at Ventura and Coldwater Canyon. The former Culture Clubber was wearing a black sport coat and a black Dodgers baseball cap...who knew he was a sports fan? B.G.'s makeup was light—I'm sure you're all very relieved to hear—with defined eyebrows and just a tad of eyeliner. A male puss painter in another city was...
Jared Leto

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.com

Jared Leto, celebrating his 35th birthday in Sin City. Jared, along with his bro, Shannon, and other buds, first ate din-din at Social House, where Mr. L. got a huge surprise cake for the occasion. The 30 Seconds to Mars rocker then made his way over to Pure, where the Las Vegas Pussycat Dolls serenaded him with a second cake and striptease. Having a beachy boys night out elsewhere was...

Tom Brady

Rich Schnitt/ZUMApress.com

Tom Brady, who seems to be doing just fine since his split with Bridget Moynahan. T.B. was spotted partying poolside, the Delano in Ef-Hell-Ay, on New Year's Eve. The studly footballer was wearin' jeans, a jacket and he looked most de-lish, according to panting witnesses. Wonder if anyone was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of Tommy's sex-ay kisses at midnight? Reichen, were you the lucky (buxom) one, I wonder? One can dream, right?
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