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Cristina G. here. Turning 30 and losing your youthful, bed-hopping freedom is the dilemma explored in The Last Kiss, which stars Zach Braff and Jacinda Barrett. It premiered Thursday night at the Directors Guild in Hollywood, and Teddy C. sent my twentysomething self off to hit the carpet and pick the brains of peeps about the big 3-O.

The coming-of-age dramedy brought out the younger crowd--like Rachel Bilson and Sarah Chalke, of course--as well as more "seasoned" fogies like Sumner Redstone and Brad Grey. The carpet, blue this time instead of the regular ol' red, was chaos as usual--and longer than evah.

Luckily, recent Emmy winner and always-fab Blythe Danner stopped to chat for a sec. "What's the biggest misconception about turning 30?" I asked the bitchin' actress, who looks way younger than her sixtysomethin' years. "That it's old!" Blythe quickly replied. "You're a baby at 30! I'm amazed when I hear people say, 'Ugh, I'm 30, my life is over!' I wanna laugh...It's just beginning!"

Well, that's certainly a relief to hear from someone supersuccessful in über-youth-obsessed Tinseltown, isn't it? I mean, gosh, sometimes I feel not so young when I'm interviewing gals like Scarlett Johansson and Emmy Rossum, who've done so much in their très short lives.

Now, Rachel Bilson dashed by us print peeps, but the lovely-lookin' Jacinda Barrett was game to give her two cents on whether the movie accurately portrayed coming of age. "Oh, absolutely!" gushed the 33-year-old svelte stunner to us. "It's honest. You couldn't watch these very long, sometimes very painful, emotionally vulnerable scenes if it wasn't resonating with you. People have come out of the audience and said it makes them uncomfortable because it's so real to them."

Eric Christian Olsen

Lisa O'Connor/

Also painful was Zach Braff, blowin' off us inky types. Decidedly more cordial and easy on the eyes was Eric Christian Olsen, whose naked bum graces the screen multiple times in the movie. "What's the biggest age gap you've ever had dating?" I asked him, as the flick deals with an 18-year-old gal seducing a committed 30-year-old guy.

"That's a damn good question," Three Initials pondered. "Probably five years [younger]." I asked Eric if he preferred older or younger gals. "I can't discriminate based on age...If there's a woman and she's amazing and she's 35, you know, I'm all for it. If there's a woman that's amazing at 21, I'm gonna be nervous about that!" Way to crush my dreams there, babe.

The doors were just about to close as I hustled into the theater, so I missed the first few seconds. But what I saw I really dug. Loved the acting, the dialogue and Eric's naked bod, of course. Post-premiere was a swanky shindig set up the lobby of the DGA, complete with cocktails and light bites.

I was determined to get at least one quote from Zach, a perennial press-pooper. I managed to squeeze in amongst the fans and Biz-types surrounding him. "Just one question," I promised, before posing the "biggest age gap in someone you've dated" query. "You only had one question, and that's the one I'm not gonna answer," smirked Zach before dashing off.

Rachel Bilson

Why the hell not? It ain't like I asked him how Mandy Moore was in the sack or somethin'. I do declare, some celebs are so damn touchy these days. Rachel Bilson wasn't much better.

"Oh gosh....I don't even know," said the teeny-tiny gal, probably cause she can't remember anyone she's dated prior to her current, way overly svelte boyfriend, Adam Brody. "That's sort of a stupid question," she finally offered.

Um, I beg to differ, Miss Smarty Panties. That's one of the key premises in the movie: You play an 18-year-old tryin' to bed someone more than 10 years your elder!

"Well, I woulda asked you about turning 30, but you can't answer that since you're 25," I shot back.

"Ask me in five years!" replied Rach.


Cynthia Nixon

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Cynthia Nixon, playin' Mommy in the City. The formerly feisty gal was spotted with her kiddies outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New Yawk. She bought her tykes pretzels and ice cream, which they happily noshed by the fountain. As she slathered sunscreen on her kiddies, a bald dude on a bike asked Cyn-babe if she'd slather his dome, which she actually did! Too freakin' funny. Further down the East Coast was...

Jenna Elfman, gettin' coffee on Capitol Hill. "Girlfriend is lookin' fierce!" reports my DeeCee sipper. The former Dharma doll wore a tight black top, tan pencil skirt and sky-high stilettos and was accompanied by boring Hill staffer types. Wonder what she was doin' in Congress. Perhaps lobbying against antidepressants? Needing no perky pills fer sure was...

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum, lookin' fab and sittin' front row at the Toni Maticevski runway show. InWhySee. The usually reclusive gal has been hittin' Fashion Week like crazy. On this par-tick night, she donned a black frock and was accompanied by a handsome hunk sportin' some sex-ay scruff. Also makin' the regal rounds was...

Damien Fahey, throwin' back a Lotus Lemonade after the Lacoste show, where he chatted up MTV cohorts Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag before the shindig started. The Hills honeys just happened to be seated across from Jeremy Sisto and Kristin Cavallari, L.C.'s old Laguna Beach rival. All three bleach-happy blondes scored striped beach bags from Lacoste. Just what they needed, I'm sure!

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