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Steve Freeman/SCI FI Channel/NBCUPB via AP Images

Boy, those Battlestar Galactica kids are not going to lack for post-space-opera employment. Tahmoh Penikett (Helo) is on Dollhouse, Tricia Helfer (Six) is on Burn Notice, and Jamie Bamber (Apollo) broke the news to me tonight at the NBC Universal party that he is joining a new series in the Law & Order franchise!

According to Jamie, "I'm doing a series in England called Law & Order: UK, and I'm being a cop. And, yes, the show is London judiciary and London cops. It's got the same premise as the original American Law & Order, same everything, just with a U.K. production company and U.K. actors. My partner's going to be a British guy named Bradley Walsh."

The series, which begins production this August in London, will air first on ITV in the United Kingdom.

Pretty awesome news for the Brits, but does this mean we won't get to bump into Jamie any more on this side of the pond? "I bought a house in Studio City just as the real estate market in this country crashed, so I will be a Californian forever, as my allotted dollar becomes rupees. No, truly, I love America. I'm treating Law & Order as a location job, and I'll split my year." Yay!

If Bamber's involved, I so want to see this series, I don't care if the judges wear silly wigs. Am I the only one who thinks this sounds a bit fantastic? Post your yays or nays in the comments, and stand by for video (coming very soon) of my interview with Jamie, where he talks more about his new L&O gig and Battlestar's end.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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