Jason Bateman, Arrested Development

Sam Urdank/ Fox

Amy in Plano, Texas: Kristin, you’re killing me with the silence! What say you about the revived rumor that there might be an Arrested Development movie?
Trust me, I am just as giddy. (Been scraping myself off the ceiling, which is the only cause for delay, sorry.)

After hearing Jason Bateman tell Keith Olberman that a big-screen version of Arrested Development is “in the works” (while promoting his new movie Hancock, also starring AD's Rita, aka Charlize Theron), I promptly stalked reached out to Jason for any updates he might be willing to share with the fans. Jason tells me: “There's nothing new from what was said on Olberman. It's all in the process of being worked out, and hopefully they figure out a way.”

Please, Santie Claus?

Pals close to the sitch tell me there is no script and that [Arrested boss] Mitch Hurwitz is busy with his new animated series, Sit Down and Shut Up. But it's definitely on his radar, so here's hoping he gets things going.

Your mission? To comment below and make sure the decision makers know how much you fans want an Arrested flick. (Bonus points if you email your Bluth-loving friends to do the same.)

I’m no analrapist (an analyst/therapist) like Dr. Tobias Fünke, but seems to me it certainly couldn't hurt!

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