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Did you know that people from Monaco are called Monegasque? That's almost as good as people from Glasgow being Glaswegians and people from Manchester being Mancunians!

Ahem. Anyway, on with the show! The 48th Monte Carlo TV Fest is chock-full of small-screen stars ready to talk about our shows and young Bryan Reesman is on assignment for WWK to get the goods.

Now, want to know Jorge Garcia's theory about the series finale of Lost, what it will take to get Hurley to go back to the Island and how the show as changed his life? Click in!

Is Hurley really unbalanced, or is the Island messing with him?
Unbalanced? I don't know. I have no idea what exactly is going with the "I see dead people" stuff. There's so much in playing that Hurley, and the craziness is the trickiest part. I've gone to directors and asked, "How is it that I get to the point to where I decide that blowing up the food is the best possible way to resolve this issue?" And all they can really say to me is, "Well, you've been in a mental institution." "Great, that helps a lot." But I just decide to believe that if [Hurley] feels that this is how this has to go, this is how it goes for him and just commit to it."

How long do you think it will take the Oceanic Six to get back to the Island?
I think that's what a lot of season five is going to be about, and hopefully we can do it in a season.

What will it take to convince Hurley to go back to the Island?
I don't know yet. There's this thing where Sayid comes to get Hurley [from Santa Rosa], and I'm curious what type of buddy adventures they might be going on.

Do you have a theory about how the show is going to end?
I feel like there's going to be a fight for the Island. There are at least two competing powers who can lay claim to that Island, and I feel like there is going to be some kind of fight for it at the end.

Have you been subject to the normal Hollywood pressure to lose weight, or have they said they like you the way you are and that's your character?
It hasn't come up. Well, it's come up with the audience apparently because that was a big question—why isn't Hurley losing weight? I was like, wow, with all the questions you're going to ask about the show, why are you focused on this? No one's asking why aren't the women getting hairy armpits?

How has the series changed your life?
There's nothing like it. When I got off the plane here, someone took my picture as I walked to baggage claim, as I got my luggage, as I walked out of the airport, as I got into the car, and even [as I was] in the car, he shot pictures through the window. That's a little much maybe. Every doorway I walk through? That's a little much. I get that they are filling a demand, and if the public didn't want that kind of stuff, there wouldn't be a business for it. That's just part of it.

—Reporting by Bryan Reesman

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