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Tessa in New Orleans:  I want Weeds! When does it return? Any dish?
Albert Brooks is joining the cast! Just got word that he will be playing her estranged father-in-law (daddy of Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in the coming season, which will begin on Showtime in June. For scoop on Nancy's latest love interest (sorry, Conrad!) keep reading to the Spoiler Zone below.

Kim in Sarasota, Fla.:  Any more info on The Office spin-off?
As of now, a concept for the new series has yet to be decided. But I'm visiting the Dunder-Mifflin set tomorrow, so if you have ideas, don't hesitate to post 'em below. I'll try to whisper 'em in Greg Daniels' ear. [Side note: Just found out they are shooting the freaking finale tomorrow, and all the major players will be there, so (a) pinch me, and (b) email me your Q's for your Dunder faves!]

Victoria in Goldsboro, N.C.:  I love Dancing with the Stars and was wondering if you ever hear any backstage gossip about the dancers? I really want to know if Mark and Sabrina from last season are still together?
My understanding is yes, they are still together. Sabrina has been backstage watching during at least two shows, and I hear they still appear to be very close! Also, Julianne Hough is not romantically involved with any of her former partners, contrary to popular belief. Korbi just recently spotted her out in West Hollywood, holding hands with longtime on again, off again love, Zack. You may remember him as a finalist on Dance War: Bruno Vs. Carrie Ann.

Matty in Oswego, New York:  Kristin, were you really on set to witness the filming of the new Robin Sparkles video?! Any scoop?

James Van Der Beek

Jean-Paul Aussenard/WireImage.com

James Van Der Beek is Robin's lost love, Tiffany (yes, the "I Think We're Alone Now," Tiff) is her best friend, Alan Thicke is her dad and it just may have been the most ridiculously fun (and Aqua-Netted!) set visit I've ever done. [Some of you boys may be happy to hear there are two Catholic schoolgirls involved—and they jump rope.] I'll have more details and some great behind-the-scenes footage in next Monday's Watch with Kristin Show, so stand by.

Mac in Marietta, Ga.:  Anything on The Real World?
The 20th season begins this Wednesday in Hollywood! I've also just been told that a movie chronicling the life of San Francisco cast member Pedro Zamora is about to start production. Word is producers are currently casting for a few of his roommates, including Puck, Judd and Pam. His lover, Sean, whom he married on the show, will also be a character, as will his parents and siblings. Though it's been fourteen years since Pedro, a 22-year-old living with AIDS, gained nationwide attention on The Real World and subsequently lost his battle with the disease, many of us can still recall his sweet demeanor and the determined way in which he educated others about his plight. MTV had no comment on the project.

Cecily from Hollywood, Calif.:  I'm so excited they turned The Starter Wife into a series. When will the show return and is everyone in the cast coming back?
The show is scheduled for the fall lineup, and according to Debra Messing the "intention is to have as many of the original characters back as possible." She also dished that this coming season will be entirely original from the two books that created the miniseries in the first place.

Erin in Woolwich, N.J.:  Where is my Lost scoop from Hawaii?!
Check back April 21 when we're launch Lost Week, with four straight days of interviews with your fave castmembers.
Zachary Quinto, Heroes

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Wendy in Miami:  When does Heroes start up again? Are they back on set? Any scoop?
My good friend Hyla over at our satellite radio show Yo on E! (on Sirius and XM) just chatted up Zachary Quinto (Sylar! Spock!) who said: "We go back into production in two weeks. Everybody is looking forward to getting back and reconnecting and reapproaching the whole new season. I think everyone is really excited and the writers are all regrouped and rested...I haven’t gotten any scripts yet, so I’m expecting them probably within the next week or so."

Izabela in Iguassu Falls City, Brazil:  Oi Kristin tudo bem? People in Brazil are loooving Moonlight. Do you know if it is coming back for season two?
Oi, amiga! No word yet from CBS, but I would be stunned if it didn't come back. In other news, I just found out I'll be moderating the Moonlight panel at the Paley Center for Media on Tuesday, April 22. If you have questions for the cast and producers, email me at tvdiva@eonline.com and I'll be sure to get you answers. Also, if you are coming to L.A. for the event, consider getting there early because there's going to be a Red Cross blood drive at the center before the event! Yay vampires...er, I mean, philanthropy!

Reina in Kingman, Ariz.:  Battlestar Galactica has been on for two weeks and not one word about it yet? What the frak is up with that?!
Can I make it up to you with a Cylon sighting? On Saturday, Jen spotted a blond Lucy Lawless (Three) shopping at one of the nurseries on Sawtelle Boulevard here in L.A. And we're hoping to get an interview with one of the Cylon superbabes soon (we are trying), so hang in there!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Rebecca in Sun Valley, Idaho:  Any word on Blair and Nate on Gossip Girl? I want them together!
There's a big twist ahead with Nate heading toward another girl! Any guesses? (And no, it's not Serena, but it is someone we have already met on the show! Post your guesses in the comments section...)

Kathryn in Toronto:  Anything on Weeds and what's coming up this next season?
Nancy Botwin has gone from Jeffrey Dean Morgan to a DEA agent to her business partner Conrad (swoon) to...now...the major of Tijuana! Sources say that when the show returns this June, the weed-selling MILF may be spending quite a bit of time with Señor Tijuana. Word is, he's a seriously sexy hombre who takes care of his city's people and supports its drug operations as well. Hurrah! What more could a lady (who sells weed for a living) want?

Marylin in Columbus, Ohio:  Your April Fools Lost posting has been driving me insane ever since! How about a hint on which one is true?
it involves one of my all-time favorite Losties. And it is good news! Got it?

Christiane in Grand Blanc, Mich.:  I know you love The Office, but can you give me a little Earl scoop this week?
Certainly. I love Earl, too. And Randy's gettin' some action! Word is Earl's bro will soon fall for a sweet and innocent Amish chick who finds him captivating, and she'll be sticking around for some time.

Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill

Fred Norris/The CW

Kris in Mount Carmel, Ill.:  I saw your latest Watch with Kristin show and I cannot believe someone is letting Brooke adopt a baby on One Tree Hill!
This is OTH-- everything is possible! That's what makes it so fun. But if you think Brooke will receive the special delivery with a snap of her fingers, think again. I'm told she'll be grilled, interrogated and then grilled again by the rep designated to decide whether she's ready for the responsibility.

Chelsea in Salem, Ore.:  On future One Tree Hill episodes, will we be seeing more of Lindsey, or is she completely out of the picture? Will Lucas make an effort now to rekindle his relationship with Peyton?
I'm hearing that Lucas will want Lindsey back, so Peyton is most definitely on the back burner, at least for the time being. I know...be strong.

Lisa in Galeton, Col.:  What's the deal with Deb on One Tree Hill? Is she off the show for good?

Heck no. She'll resurface again very soon.

Tom Skerritt


Karina in Chipley, Fla.:  Any chance we'll ever see Tom Skerritt back on Brothers & Sisters?
Yes! I don't believe it's a done deal, but I'm hearing about an upcoming flashback that includes Mr. William Walker.

Deej in Baltimore:  The Office is back, and thank god. Got any info?
Tell me about. It was so amazing to sit on my couch on Thursday and actually LOL! Oh, and my ROFLOL also felt pretty satisfying. I can tell you that The Office shot scenes in a high school basketball gym last week. More Jim-ball? Dare we hope for shirts versus skins? (I think we all know who should not be wearing a shirt...) I can also tell you that security was tight, and everything took place behind a giant screen, so maybe they're saving us spoiling ourselves about a giant Jam storyline?

Beryl in Westchester, New York:  My Friday night revolves around the show Numbers. Is that sad? Oh well, any scoop?
We will soon meet Amita's parents and witness their first encounter with Charlie. They'll be pleasantly surprised by how much they like him, but things will still be tense. I'm told they've invited another possible suitor for their daughter to dinner!

Damian Lewis, Life

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Keri in Cincinnati, Ohio:  I heard Life will start filming again in May. I beg of you, get some scoop, anything. Desperately needing Life info, thanks!
I can tell you that the Reese-Crews relationship will not be getting any romantic complications in the immediate future, but the door does remain open to that possibility. Show runner Rand Ravich told me: "They're like any good working relationship—it will change as stresses are put on it from outside and inside, and if they do come closer together physically, it will be because circumstances have changed, and they will have to react to that. As for now, I think we've found a really good place for them to be, and they are a place of safety for each other. I think we'll stay here for a while."

Ana in Lisbon, Portugal:  When Moonlight returns will we get some Mick and Beth love?
I can tell you that when Moonlight returns April 25, Beth finds out shocking news about Mick's life back before he was a vampire—and even before he was a soldier in World War II. Also, when we return, Mick is still "human," but the way he eventually returns to being a vampire is something that will have repercussions for seasons to come...

Tiana from Tigard, Ore.:  Rules of Engagement is coming back soon! Where's the scoop?
Right here! Looks like Audrey (Megyn Price) and Jeff (Patrick Warbuton) are having some fertility issues. Megyn talked about an upcoming episode where she receives a fertility idol as a gift. She joked that "it's incredibly phallic."

—Additional reporting by Jen Godwin and Korbi Ghosh 

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