Jason Castro, American Idol Season 7


Remember in the wee early stages of the current season of American Idol, when the judges and Ryan Seacrest started throwing around phrases like "most talented batch of contestants" and "best ever" and people like, oh, say, me, pshawed all the "overhype"?

Well, turns out, they weren't lying.

'Cause if we learned anything from the eight finalists tonight, it is this: Anyone could win. And save for maybe one or two contestants (don't make me name 'em), anyone really deserves to win.

We now have six finalists who've managed on at least one occasion to knock a performance so far out of the park that the press and fans alike deemed them a clear "front-runner." Tonight, that guy for me was Jason Castro, whom my visiting mother declares is "so darn adorable, if you don't like him you must be dead inside." [Note: If you didn't like his "Somewhere over the Rainbow" rendition, you might want to schedule a CAT scan of your innards. Mom's advice.]

Still, Castro's charms aside, they all pretty much rocked it tonight, right? And so it's getting more and more difficult to declare a winner and/or figure out which number to dial into that phone! Which leaves only one question/plea to that frizzied freakshow of a Fox exec we saw tonight (Mike Darnell): Can we have more than one winner this season? Pwease? Just this once? They're just. Too. Good.

Who's your favorite this week? Vote below...if you can choose!


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