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Ladies and gentlemen, she's here! Tina Fey, the woman I want to be when I grow up and the boss of us all by dint of her galaxy-class awesomeness, just talked with the press about what's to come on 30 Rock.

Click in see what to expect in the final five eps of season two, along with a little insight into Tina's crazy, mixed-up Liz Lemon-ish life.

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In the upcoming five episodes of 30 Rock, beginning Thursday, April 10, look for some GOP gags courtesy of Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), a man from TV's bad old days with a few sicko secrets for Kenneth and, yes, a pregnancy scare for Liz...

A Wee Lemon Blossom?  Tina says yes, it's true, bad-luck Liz will be having a pregnancy scare in an upcoming episode. "Liz, who probably hooks up once every seven years," apparently has encounters with both her ex-boyfriends, Floyd the nice guy (Jason Sudeikis) and Dennis the Beeper King (Dean Winters), and finds herself wondering which one is her maybe-baby's daddy. 

Holler!  OK, sure, Dennis and Floyd...but who should play Liz's next love interest? Says Tina, "Those [dating stories] are my least-favorite stories to do. They're always pitching them, and I'm always, 'No, no more love times.' So I don't know what would be on the horizon for Liz. But you know what would be good? Peter Dinklage. That guy is awesome."

30 Rock, Tim Conway

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Everything Old Is New Again:  Tim Conway guests in the second episode back. "He plays a very sweet TV veteran named Bucky Bright who used to be on a show in the '50s called Wagons Ho! He's there to be a celebrity for a Republican rally that Jack's trying to organize, but Jack's looking for a younger, hipper celebrity, so he pawns him off on Kenneth (Jack McBrayer), and [Bucky] tells Kenneth some very, very shocking and racy stories about the old days of television." In a similar red-elephant vein, Jack Donaghy tries to get Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) to become the new black face of the Republican Party. Barack Obama's got nothing on Tracy, it's true.

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast?  The world awaits 30 Rock's latest reality-show-within-a-show, MILF Island. According to Tina, "It's a Survivor-like show where, oh gosh, I think 20 MILFs and 50 eighth-grade boys are put on an island. We actually sat down and tried to figure out the rules of MILF Island and were not entirely successful. It involves something where the boys vote the moms off and they don't like them anymore, and it involves physical challenges, and that's about all that we know. But when I sell it to Ben Silverman, we'll know more."

Always Rambunctious in the Writers Room:  What about the backup singers? Er, the rest of TGS' writing staff? Says Tina, "You definitely will see them, for sure. They are great. Our ensemble is very large, and it's hard to get everybody in every week, but you will definitely get to enjoy those guys. Frank (Judah Friedlander) has some stories—he's being teamed up with Tracy a fair amount this year. He becomes Salieri to Tracy's Mozart, and that might be all I can say about it at this time. Oh, Toofer (Keith Powell), he got to play Sammy Davis Jr. in a weird fantasy sequence. He did a really good job, so look for that coming up. And Lonny [Ross] is in the MILF Island one."

Tina Fey

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  • On her increasing comfort with the actress part of her job: "Well, I've fully stopped apologizing for being in the show, and I'm having a very good time shooting these episodes. It feels like the pressure's off." A Golden Globe and a SAG Award will do that for a girl.
  • On the glasses: "The only time I don't like to wear them is when I'm wearing a beautiful Easter bonnet or a party dress."
  • What would Tina say if she ran into Christopher "Women aren't funny" Hitchens at a bar somewhere? "You need to get out of this bar. You've been here for two days."

Ah, Tina. Did you ever know that you're my hero?

—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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