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Rashida's back! Her new sitcom premieres tonight on Fox! Billed as "a comedy for the dumb at heart," Unhitched is about the very wacky, very freewheeling adventures of four adults in a kind of second adolescence. Their first major relationships didn't work out, so they're back on the market, and finding that the dating pool has been, well, peed in.

Unhitched comes from the Farrelly brothers, and it definitely tends toward the dirty slapstick side of the comedy fence. Rashida's character is the girl of the group, and she told me at the Unhitched premiere party last week that she and Kate prefer to hang out with boys, saying, “I tend to gravitate towards groups of guys. My group of friends from high school were guys, all guys. And I love men." Well then, any chance that general love of men might become more specific on the show? Like maybe a little somethin'-somethin' between Kate and the supersweet Craig Bierko's character Gator? Says Craig, "We're all in our separate personal hells, but there may be some opportunities to have our hells cross over and make a lanyard of hell. A little hell lanyard. A hellanyard, if you will.”

Aw, will you guys be in my hellanyard with me? Meanwhile, Save It or Sink It? Cast your vote below and then sing out in the Comments...

Save It or Sink It: Mar. 2
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