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Okay, we get it! The Road rules. 

Based on our mailbag, it seems the fans of October Road are loving this series and its stars more and more with each passing week—and I have to agree, there is something irrefutably charming about it. So, we sat down with star Laura Prepon (Hannah) to find out (as they like to say on the Road) "what goes on." Read on to find out!

October Road has a lot of very loyal fans.
Yeah, it's awesome. We call ourselves the little engine that could, because we've had major obstacles to overcome and we always come out with flying colors. It's all about our fans, who really do love the show and love these characters. I think we're definitely back because of them.

Why do you think people are so crazy about this show?
I think it's different because there aren't a lot of pure relationship dramas on TV now. There are shows like Lost, incredible shows like Heroes and the CSIs. But October Road doesn't have any forensic scientists or big explosions or anything like that. It's really just a show about people, which is cool.

Your character, Hannah, has two guys in love with her. Fun for you?
[Laughs.] It's pretty cool, I'm not going to lie. I guess every girl would like to have a couple of guys competing over her.

October Road


And you know this is a hotly contested topic. But who do you think Hannah should end up with?
They're just both such totally different people. Nick is the way he is, and Ray is the way he is. Ultimately, I don't know who she's going to stay with, because they both offer different things for her—even though I think she's truly in love with Nick.

Do you think Hannah will go with her heart and break things off with Ray?
I guess we'll see what happens when we get a third season!

Seems like everyone on this set loves each other. 
Well...Just kidding. No, it's awesome, it really is. Our first season, we were [shooting] in Atlanta, and it was like a mini-boot camp for the cast. We were all thrown together and living in the same complex. I think that was awesome, because we got to know each other really fast, and now it looks like we all really grew up in this town together. It's so weird. On the weekends, we would go to Vegas and people from the network would fly out and say, "Nobody does this. I don't think you understand—casts don't leave the state to go somewhere else just to hang out [together]." But it's just really fun.

Do you still hang out with your '70s Show pals, too?
Oh totally, we were like a family. I mean, Mila was 14 when she started that show. I was 17. All of us were so young, and we all grew up together. We'll always have that bond.

And now, because of the strike, you guys will end the season early?
Yeah, our writers wrote our 13-episode order, but had the strike not happened, we'd probably be doing our back nine starting next week. So, yeah, technically because of the strike, we're shut down.

How do you feel about the strike?
It's such a weird thing, because I understand that the writers need what they want. But there's a flip side, where it's really affecting the crews and all these businesses that make a living off of the entertainment industry. So, I get it, but it's also very painful. I just hope it gets resolved soon.

You mentioned a "third season" earlier. Does this mean October Road will definitely be back for another year?
We don't know yet, but I truly believe we're going to get a third season and be able to keep telling these stories. I'm not that concerned about it, because I just know we'll be back. It's too good not to.

Catch October Road Mondays on ABC. And if you already love this show, holla in the Comments below!

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