Viva Laughlin

Robert Voets/CBS

I'm sorry, but this sorta makes me feel like singing.

I'm hearing from reliable sources that Viva Laughlin has been canceled—after one airing in its regular Sunday-night time slot. That has to be some kind of record, right?

And trust me, this is all for the best. I mean, I know the kind folks who worked on Laughlin poured their hearts (and vibrato) into this show, but I still contend it to be one of the least watchable pilots of all time.

And this sort of cringe-worthy show is better left unwatched—for the sake of the talented cast (who deserve to keep their careers on the upswing) and us audience members alike.

I'm also told that Amazing Race will be getting Laughlin's slot on Nov. 4. So, that's a good thing for all of us Philimination fans, no?

Now, let's get these actors and writers on shows with concepts that work, shall we? Post your casting ideas below...

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