Veronica Mars: Chris Lowell

Greg Swhwartz/The CW

They "went a little ape s--t over it."

This is what one CW insider tells me regarding the season-four presentation of Veronica Mars, whose fate is currently being decided by the green network.

According to multiple sources connected to the network, VM mastermind Rob Thomas’ pitch for next season was very well received, and CW prez Dawn Ostroff seemed particularly smitten with the concept for "FBI Veronica."

The concept for "FBI Veronica" (for you who missed the memo) is to fast forward Veronica four years into the future, beyond her graduation from college and into the world of the FBI, where she will be a fledgling agent. The CW also has the option of picking up Veronica in its current format, with our favorite sleuthy coed starting her second year at Hearst College.

Now, you may have heard that the FBI version of Veronica would retain only one current cast member—Miss Kristen Bell—which, of course, would give us fans good reason to scream bloody murder. But wait! Before you waste your vocal cords, I should tell you that when Rob Thomas was here as a special guest for my Vine show, he told me that although Chris Lowell (Piz) has committed to the Grey’s spinoff, Jason Dohring (Logan) is under contract for season four and that he "can’t imagine doing the show without him or Enrico [Colantoni, aka Daddy Mars] involved in some way."

One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray

The CW

Meanwhile, I didn't forget about you Supernatural and One Tree Hill fans! Sources tell me that although Supernatural was looking doomed a couple of months ago, it's more likely to survive, thanks to its recent uptick in the ratings. Yay! And although One Tree Hill is still "on the fence," according to one well-placed insider, I'm also told (and believe) that the show's impassioned, die-hard fan base can't be denied by the network higher-ups.

Of course, what it really boils down to is which new shows the CW suits decide to pick up. I’m told that so far, Gossip Girl (from O.C. creator Josh Schwartz) and Reaper (starring 24's Vice President Ray Wise as the Prince of Darkness) are the only shows that look like shoo-ins to get the green light.

With Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven gone, that still would leave plenty of space on the grid for Veronica, One Tree Hill and Supernatural. So, hmmm...could we CW fans really get all the pickups we are all hoping for? Dare we dream?!

The sad truth is that no one will know for sure until May 17, when the CW presents its new fall schedule. I’ll be in New York all next week, bringing you all the news from every network the very minute it breaks. Stay tuned! And say your prayers!

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