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Forget Niki's powers, the Human Genome Project and whether or not Sylar eats those brains.

Last night we were introduced to Heroes' biggest mystery yet: how Milo Ventimiglia can have a ghastly scar ripping across his entire face and somehow manage to look all the more dead sexy.

WTF?! How is this possible? I implore the scientists of this world, and yes, you, Professor Suresh, to get to the bottom of this mystifying phenomenon!

Here's What Else We Learned

The Bomb Might Not Be Such a Bad Thing:  This was supposed to be the episode in which we see how awful things get and why our Heroes must save the world in the season finale, but honestly, this version of the future was so grippingly entertaining (hot and scarry Peter, hot and scary Niki, hot and hairy Matt) I can't help but root for Sylar and the bomb. Does that make me a bad person? You bet. But chances are, some of you also agree!

If the Bomb Goes Off, There Will Be Many Casualties:  Ando and Micah, for starters. (Didn't NBC get the memo? You can't kill kids on television!) And, ultimately, Nathan, Candice, the Haitian and Claire also will go. Plus, you know, those millions of people (.07 percent of the population) in New York City. Okay, so maybe I don't want that bomb to go off...Curses.

Matt's Child Has Special Abilities:  As he put it to HRG, "We both are harboring children of interest in the president's eyes." And now we know there is most definitely a genetic link for all the Heroes that is passed down from parent to child.

Future Peter Kicks Ass!  Please tell me that someday the Heroes producers and Milo Ventimiglia will do a big-screen version of Big Bad Peter. If those scenes were that freakishly good on an NBC budget, imagine how good it'd be on the big screen. I smell blockbuster! In the meantime, now that we know what he can do, he's certainly gonna give Sylar a run for his money.

What Lies Ahead

We Get Sylar's Backstory:  Much like the Benry flashback episode of Lost that is coming up, I'm told by insiders this trip down memory lane for Sylar just might be the best episode yet of the series. Not surprising, since Zachary Quinto is da bomb—when it comes to onscreen charisma! (It is Peter who is actually the Bomb.) We also get to meet Sylar's mommy.

Spoiler Alert:  Don't read if you don't want to know. I'm also told the bomb does go off in the season finale, but how and when it happens prevents the loss of a massive amount of innocent life. Anybody get the connection yet about why Nathan was running toward Peter in the scene of the bomb's explosion? Post your theories below!

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