A Prison Break panel without Wentworth?! That's like a day at the beach with no sun, a concert with no music, an ice cream cone without the frakkin' ice cream! Or so I thought. Turns out the men of PB, accompanied by the lovely Sarah Wayne Callies, can actually put on a pretty entertaining show, sans Wentworth, which they did at the Paley Festival on Friday night.

And since my tatted future husband was MIA for the sake of our entertainment (they're still shooting in Dallas, and Wenty's work is never done), I put my disappointment aside and interviewed his costars (which you can see in the video clip on this page) and also thoroughly enjoyed learning the following little goodies inside the panel Q&A...

Steven Spielberg Presents...Prison Break?  Way back in January of 2004, creator Paul Scheuring gave the PB pilot to Fox, and though the network immediately liked the project, they were a bit gun-shy about greenlighting it. After all, that was a different time: what we in the industry like to call P.L. (pre-Lost). Gail Berman, who was running the network at the time, proposed a compromise. Put it on as a miniseries with a marquee name attached: “Stephen Spielberg Presents Prison Break.” In fact, Spielberg actually met with Scheuring and agreed to sign on before War of the Worlds got in the way. But it all worked out: That September, Lost premiered to boffo numbers, and Prison Break got the green light the following day. Somewhere Josh Holloway is saying: "You're welcome."

T-Bag Might Have Been Lurking in a State Park Men's Room.  While Scheuring was waiting for approval from Fox, Robert Knepper was preparing his syllabus. The out-of-work actor was desperate for a job and had landed a gig teaching acting classes at UCLA Extension. Of course, 50 bucks a week wasn't exactly enough to keep his family afloat, so he considered cleaning toilets at Will Rogers State Park as well. Good thing Prison Break took off, 'cause the thought of running into T-Bag while wandering around in the wilderness is kinda frightening, no? 

Sucre's Swears Get by the Censors.  If you go back and watch season one over again, you should keep your Spanish-English dictionary on hand. When Sucre starts spouting dialogue in his native tongue, you might take a little time to translate. You can bet there's some censor-worthy language in there that somehow got past the powers that be. Oops! Fortunately for them, they finally caught on and Amaury Nolasco now knows better. 

Wentworth and the Pros of Cons:  Not only do real-life prisoners write Wenty letters, they make the occasional phone call as well. That's right, some cons were crafty enough to get their hands on his cell number, and they weren't afraid to use it. In fact, Wentworth received so many calls that he eventually had to change his number. (And I'm sure that had nothing to do with my calls...Right?)

Making Out with Wentworth Almost Made Dr. Tancredi Toss her Cookies:  As you probably know, the sexy Sarah Wayne Callies (also known as Dr. Tancredi) is pregnant. And she was suffering morning sickness when she and Wentworth filmed their latest kissing scene. You know, the one that took place on the train? Turns out Sarah felt so bad during the shoot she almost vomited all over poor Wenty! How's that for long-awaited romance?

We Will Lose Another Major Castmember Before Season's End.  Scheuring made it perfectly clear: “Not everyone you see on this stage tonight will be [around in season three].” Who was on the stage? Bellick, C-Note, Sucre, T-Bag, Linc and Sara. And I'm pretty sure I know who isn't safe. Any guesses?

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh
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