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Holy @#$#@! Is Meredith gonna die

Apparently, you all want to know. You really, really, really want to know. Because I just took a look at my inbox, and I don't remember ever seeing so many emails about a single topic.

Clearly, you Grey's fans are freaking out, and rightfully so! Last night's insanely nutty-cuckoo episode held perhaps the biggest shocker ever for the show. (I tried to warn you with all the stuff about "a big death is coming" and "something you'd think they'd never do on a show called Grey's Anatomy." But seriously, how could you ever be prepared for such a twist?)

Now, of course, the bottom line is there's no way I can give you a yes or no answer to the "Will Meredith die?" question. (I would be banned from ever covering anything on ABC again; moreover, I'd ruin the experience of watching the reveal for you, which I just can't do as a fellow fan.) However, for those of you who think you might keel over and kick it yourself if you don't get a little scoop, here's what I can tell/remind you.

  • There was a death last week.
  • There will be a death this week.
  • At least one of those deaths will stick.

Sources also tell me that in the original script for this coming Thursday's episode, no one died. But in a later revision, it was decided there would be at least one death. I'm told executive producer Shonda Rhimes usually plans out these plot points well in advance, so this is certainly out of the norm. Take that for what you will.

Feel free to post your theories/epiphanies below!

And just a reminder: Don't forget to check back Monday for my latest Vine show, with guests so special it makes me squeal—yee!—Lost bosses Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Trust me, you do not want to miss this one, 'cause we're talking time travel, Charlie's death, the fate of Skate and more.

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