Bones: Eddie McClintock

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Eddie McClintock does not want to pee on David Boreanaz's bush.

By the end of this interview, you'll know exactly what that means. And more importantly, you'll know what's in store for one of the hottest could-be couples on television: Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones (Emily Deschanel) of Fox's addictive drama, Bones.

Eddie joins the cast tonight as Bones' new love interest, Tim "Sully" Sullivan, and the charming actor should look very familiar to you. Not only has he starred in a slew of TV projects, including Felicity, Desperate Housewives and, most recently, TBS' My Boys, he's also a dead ringer for a certain other TV star...

How did you get involved with Bones?
I was actually working on a show called The Winner, which is Rob Corddry's new show. And Marcia Shulman, the vice president of casting at Fox, was there the night we taped the show, and she approached me after the show and gave me a script and said, 'We want to see you tomorrow for Bones.' And I kinda laughed at her, and I thought she was kidding, and she said, 'No, why?' Because for the last—well, ever since I started in all this, everyone has thought that I was David Boreanaz. The big joke here and with my management is that I'm going to write a book called Living in the Shadow of Boreanaz. And so, it turns out that they weren't kidding, and I had to read for Hart [Hanson], the showrunner, and they basically hired me out the door, which never happens.

Did they tell you if they were trying to imply something with the resemblance, like Ross and Russ on Friends?
No, because when I said that to Marcia on that Friday night, she said, 'Let's not talk about that, we won't mention that.' And then they wanted me to be pretty much the opposite of David's character on the show. Whereas he's very buttoned-down...even though I guess the show's creators wanted him to be buttoned-down, he's still—he wears these socks and the belt buckle, and he has a pretty good sense of humor. 

But on the show he's supposed to be a hard-core sniper guy.
Right. And where he's heavy metal, I'm kind of easy listening, you know?

So, can you tell us how your character is introduced to Brennan?
He's introduced to Bones in the episode called "The Girl in the Gator." They find a girl's body in an alligator. And Alex Winter, who was in Bill and Ted, plays the creator of a Girls Gone Wild-type show, and he is linked to this body somehow. He becomes a suspect, and then French Stewart is also in the episode, and I guess everybody becomes a suspect at one point or another. It was great to work with Alex. I'm from Ohio, but you'd think by this time, I'd be a little less star-struck, but I'm not. I love getting to work with people like that, especially when they're talented and nice.

And there's a spark with Bones and Sully? 
Bones and Sully don't really hit it off right at first. She's ready to cut the gator open, ready to get to work, and he wants to go have some fries and a shake. Apparently, Sully kind of has one foot out the door in regard to the FBI, anyway. I believe what happened was his partner was killed, and it has left him feeling like if he continues to work at this job, it will literally and figuratively kill him.

And so what's the arc for Bones and Sully through your four episodes?
Well, I'm trying to think, because it's been a while. I worked on it through the holiday, and we had our second son while I was shooting the show.

Thanks. It's all kind of a blur, actually. I'm trying to think when Bones actually warmed up to Sully's character. Oh, I know—he invites her to come see him play basketball, and that's when the fireworks go off for her.

I know you can't give away too much, but where do they leave it at the end? Why is his character stepping out of her life?
At the end of my last episode, they are still very much emotionally entwined. One of the good things about this character is that he's funny in moments, but he can also be earnest. So, that's great, because I always want to be able to show that somebody has a good sense of humor, and then at the same time have the ability to make people feel things in another way.

Are you still alive at the end of the four episodes?
Oh, yeah. And there are still things between Sully and Bones to be resolved in the future.

Ooh, the Booth and Bones fans aren't going to like that. Steel yourself for the hate emails—they're still upset about Cam!
I've already seen some of that. Well, because I'm strange and I actually went online and they had my picture next to David's, and they were like, "I haven't even met him yet, but I want to hate him. But he looks so much like our David, so he'll be okay..." But basically, when the two main characters on a show finally get together, that's the end of the show's run. 

It’s a good thing in the long run!
Yeah, I know! And hell, who knows, maybe Sully'll get eaten by an alligator.

I think they'll hold you to that! Now, do you interact at all with the squints during your time on the show?
Yep! I got to be in the Moonbase Alpha, which is great. Everybody was just so nice on the show, and I said to Hart that it speaks well of him, because it's kind of the trickle-down theory. The show kind of takes on the showrunner's personality. All the actors just couldn't have been better. Emily is just amazing. And I was worried, and I don't know why, just because David's been working for so long, and the fact that people compared us, I didn't want him to think I was peeing on his bush, so to speak, when I came on to his show. And I was prepared for him to be kind of a d--k—but he wasn't! And I even told him, I'm like, Dude, I'm so glad you're not a d--k! You could be, and you're not, and we actually had a lot of fun, and it couldn't have been a better experience.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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