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WARNING: If you have not been watching this season of Showtime's Dexter, I'm going to recommend that you not read this article, because it reveals a very important (previously aired) plot point. Instead, I want you to sit tight until the first season of Dexter comes out on DVD or iTunes and get up to speed before the second season premieres next year. Trust me, it's that good—you don't want to be spoiled!

Damn you, Dexter.

I wanted to hate you. I wanted to shun you. I wanted to turn up my nose at you as the kind of show a good girl like me couldn't possibly sit down to watch more than once. But—damn it!—your crazy-ass little Showtime series got so mind-blowingly good that somehow it became the show I'm thinking about most this holiday season.

Does that make me a bad person? Perhaps. A bit psychotic? Clearly. And when you throw in the notion that the three TV actors I'm currently most enthralled by—Zachary Quinto (Heroes' Sylar), Christian Camargo (Dexter's Rudy) and Michael C. Hall (Dexter himself)—just so happen to be, um, serial killers, it's clear they should lock up my loony ass and throw away the key.

Before they do, I gotta tell you that if you've been watching Dexter this season (and if you haven't, you shouldn't be reading this!), you're probably gonna have something close to a heart attack when you see the season finale this Sunday on Showtime. Holy *#$@! There is a twist that was so unexpected (at least to me) that I developed temporary Tourette's and sent the neighborhood dogs into a frenzy.

The man behind this freak-out is none other than Christian Camargo, who plays Rudy, the Ice Truck Killer. Christian has been so convincing both as the lover of Dexter's sister Deb and a homicidal maniac who chops women into pieces, he's truly made this season of Dexter what it is—harrowing, intriguing and unforgettable (really, I have flashbacks). So, I got him on the phone to chat for one good reason: I was too chicken to meet in person.


Don't hurt me.
[Laughs.] I get that a lot.

Do you really?
Yeah. The best one was when I was walking into Rite Aid the other night. This young couple was there buying smokes, and they turned around—and I swear the girl did the biggest double take. She didn't say a word, and she nudged her boyfriend, and he turned around and they both had the same expression. It was freaking hysterical. I wanted to just go, "Boo."

Do you get recognized a lot?

I do, yeah. Dexter is really popular. I was just asked to do a turn on Studio 60, and when I showed up on the set, everyone wouldn't stop talking about it. It was like being a rock star on that set.

Who were you playing?
I played a guy playing Keith Richards. Sarah Paulson's character gets a movie outside the show. She plays the girl who married all the Rolling Stones, and I was Keith. It was hysterical. I got to dress up and do the accent. They were all really great there.

Did you know when they cast you on Dexter that your character would be the Ice Truck Killer?
I knew. But no one else did. It was top-top secret. It was so funny, because the whole cast thought I was a day player. And then all of a sudden, I just kept showing up. They were looking at me like, "What? Why are you here? Who are you?" I kept it to myself. It was fun to play the nice doctor.

What can you tell us about what happens with Rudy in the finale?
There is a redeeming factor about what happens with Rudy—where the story takes off from here. You get an idea of what Dexter really could be and how close he is to becoming that monster.

Are you afraid of being typecast now that you've played such a dark character?
Not really. I mean, I did just play Keith Richards. But I also went into an audition recently for a romantic comedy, and they were like, "Sorry, we can't even look at you. You're freaking us out."

One final note on Sunday night's Dexter finale: You're gonna die. It's that good. Oh yeah, and another major character is gonna die, too--for reals. When you see it, please come back to this story to comment below and discuss! (You're gonna need a little group therapy.)

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