Matthew Fox is going to be killed off Lost.

If you've been anywhere near a Lost fansite this week, chances are you've heard this rumor and have initially dismissed it, thinking, "Pshaw! He's the freaking lead of the show! They can't kill off Matthew Fox!"

But with this seemingly ludicrous rumor persisting, even the most disbelieving fan can't help but wonder, Wait a minute...could it actually be true?

Of course, at this point, only a handful of people know for sure if it's true that Jack Shepard will be meeting his maker when the show returns in February—including, of course, Lost's maker, Damon Lindelof. So, since I've never been one for patience, I went to the loveable genius of a producer himself to get the word on these Jack-out (I nearly typed something else) rumors.

And, tubers, I hope you're sitting down. 'Cause here's what Lindelof tells me exclusively:

"This is the most insane rumor regarding Lost to date. The fact that you think we might do it is incredibly flattering."

Now, if you're like me, your heart leaped, then sank, upon hearing these words. While it might seem a denial at first—oh, dear friends, how it is not. To the contrary, Lindelof finds the idea that they'd be brave enough to kill off our fearless, Other-defying leader (gasp!) flattering.

All I can say is: Run, Jack, run for your liiife!

Don't forget this is the same man who told us it was "absolutely not true" that Michelle Rodriguez would be killed off for bad behavior. She was killed off, but not for bad behavior. Tricky, tricky.

Meanwhile, along with Lindelof's statement, there are a few factual snippets that could point to a Foxy demise:

  • Spoiler alert! We know Juliet shoots someone on the beach in an upcoming episode—and it is supposedly a huge plot point. Eeek!
  • We know Matthew Fox stars in a new movie called We Are Marshall, (sadly, not an Alias spinoff) which is already starting to get a few whispers here and there of the big O word. (Not Oprah. The awards one. Word is his performance is that good.) So, it stands to reason that Foxy could want to move on to a big, fancy film career.
  • We know that in the primary genesis of Lost, the initial plan was to kill off Jack by the end of the first episode. Of course, that was when a guest star like Michael Keaton would be playing him, but still, the idea was to prove to viewers that this is a show where anything can happen—a statement that could certainly give the show new life/buzz/ratings in its third season.

And, well, jeez. That said, I can't believe I'm about to utter these words, but it might actually not be all that bad...

Am I being crazy? I am, aren't I?

Let me know what you think by commenting below!

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