Maggie Gyllenhaal, Marie Claire Magazine

We happen to think Maggie Gyllenhaal looks rather stunning on the August issue of Marie Claire, and the one-time indie film star hopes you do, too.

Or, at the very least, not to be so critical when it comes to her fashion choices.

"Sometimes it freaks me out," the Dark Knight star tells the magazine about appearing on various "worst dressed" lists and reading the potshots written about her wardrobe. "I've been so hurt and felt so bad."

(See what Maggie wore to the movie's premiere.)

Yet, rather than ask the Caped Crusader to kick some blogger butt, the actress does try to keep it all in perspective...

"People will always say mean things about you if you put yourself out there," she says, understanding it's almost par for the course when one goes from making such smaller films as Secretary and SherryBaby to a behemoth like Knight.

Still, even she was overwhelmed by the attention paid to neighborhood pal Michelle Williams following the death of Heath Ledger.

"It was disgusting. I had journalists call me on my cell phone. There were these two shy girls sent from some rag magazine to camp in front of my house. I came home with Ramona and I was so shocked and angry." But, she adds, "These poor girls, it wasn't their fault. They were out of their element."

So what keeps her focused? "I've spent all my time learning how to be a mother and make a home with a child...It's so hard and requires so much work and careful thought. You just get stronger and stronger."

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