Mom, Joel McHale

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Hi, hon, it's your mom. Hope everything's good. We finally had some sunshine here last week, which was nice for a change. Not much else to report. Oh, your father was gone this last weekend, you know, taking care of your brother and his whole mess. Oh, it's just...Oh forget it. Anyway, you know what? With your father gone, the house managed to stay clean through an entire weekend! You wouldn't have even known it was the same place if you'd been by to visit. It was like heaven in here.

Well, so, I was looking at the television with a bowl of Pop Secret and I think I saw that program you were telling me about when you and Gordon were here last Christmas. Oh, I forget what it was called. Is it "Our Show" or...? Well, anyway, the guy that was in charge of it, he looks like Ryan Seacrest, but the way he acts reminds me of the other man that's on the home video show. You know the one I mean? Well, except he's much younger, of course. But you should write a letter to him to take over the home video show, too. Well, so, they were showing all these bits of TV shows that I'd never even heard of before. Your father only ever watches sports and war shows. I say "watches," but he's asleep about 10 minutes after he turns it on, unless I try and change the channel, and then he's up immediately and it's like waking a bear. So I just don't bother anymore. I've always got so many projects to do around here anyway. I cleaned the stove last night.

Oh, well, I wanted to tell you that I saw the show but there was too much foul language on there for me so I didn't watch the whole thing. Well, that's about it. Next time you leave a message on the answering machine, you should try and get that dog to bark on it, too. That would be cute, wouldn't it? Send me a picture of you and Gord with the pup. Does he have a name yet or not?

your mom

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