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With the economy hurting us average folks, are celebrities suffering, too? What kind of cutbacks are people in Hollywood making, if any?

Fear not for Will Smith. He stands little chance of losing his Big Willie lifestyle. The giant undulating superpool, nestled deep inside his sprawling megacompound off the Mulholland Raceway, will still sparkle. And the one tennis court will remain as spotlessly maintained as the second tennis court right next to it.

But the Industry is also getting mighty sick of $20 million salaries for stars who, in the end, may not attract the crowds. Here's how they're trimming fat...

More stars are facing salaries tied strictly to box office performance. Yes, small-time hood Jason Statham pulled in a $5 million payday for making Crank 2, and Meryl Streep reportedly charged $1 million for a week's work on Rendition. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jim Carrey didn't get a single dime up-front for his next movie, Yes Man, due out this winter. Instead, he'll get a higher percentage of the movie's revenue, whatever that might be.

Keep those Burning Q's coming, my little B!tchlettes!

Riddle me this, non-Batman: Why doesn't superlooker Charlize Theron get any face time for the Hancock promos?
—KS, Tucson

She has face time in the trailers, so you must be referring to the posters. You should know that, according to producers and other insiders, Smith is considered to be the only true A-list movie star working right now, meaning he's the only person—on this entire miserable planet—who can guarantee box office on name recognition alone. Costar Charlize Theron, carnivorously hot as she may be, doesn't fit that category. Even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt don't these days.

Who is that girl with the phone in her hand in the Answer B!tch photo thingy? Is that youuuuu Leslie?
—Selim, Rotterdam

Nooooo, Selim.

Does E! have any plans to bring back the reality show Paradise City anytime soon? Hate to admit it, but I was addicted! Thanks!

Let's put it this way: Enjoy that first season, which is available on iTunes.

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