Justin Timberlake, The Love Guru

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Justin Timberlake may be new to the acting game, but he's already making huge, diva-like demands. See, he plays Jacques "Le Coq" Grande in The Love Guru—a hockey player with a large, ahem, stick—and now he tells E! News he's only interested in playing well-hung dudes from now on.

"Yeah, that will be a requirement," Timberlake tells us, at the Guru press day. "Maybe it's a she, and she still has a large penis. And it'll still be a requirement."

Wait, is he joking? Here's the thing...

Pretty sure he is, but then Justin's been working long and hard on this new career plan ever since the "D--k in a Box" skit on Saturday Night Live.

"It always has been a dream of mine," he says about having such a large costar. "And I'm happy I was able to meet the mark."

Love Guru writer and star Mike Myers thought of J.T. for the Le Coq role after seeing his SNL performance. Makes sense, right?

"I'm starting to realize," Timberlake says, "that I'm digging myself a nice big hole of penile humor."

Sure, but how long can he keep it up?

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