Heroes Trading Cards


Let's see...We'll trade you two Cheerleaders and an HRG for that mint-condition Haitian and a Nathan Petrelli.

Such could be the topic of conversation in living rooms and other bastions of fandom across the nation now that NBC Universal and sports-card titan Topps Co. have rolled out a new line of autorgraphed Heroes trading cards featuring the superevolved (as well as the normal folks who just want what's best for them) characters and scenes from the hit NBC drama.

Ninety cards have been produced so far and are in stores now, available in packs of seven?although modified-DNA enthusiasts can also spring for the deluxe 24-card "hobby box" sets, which include swatches of costume material, sketch cards and other bonus bits that any true fan will want for his or her collection.

"The fervent Heroes fan base and the show's compelling on-air visuals are powerful trading-card ingredients," said Ira Friedman, Topps' VP of publishing.

"Add the engaging storylines and multiseasonal episodes to the mix, and Heroes has the potential to become a major mainstay in the collectible card category."

Although it's hard to remember exactly what those engaging storylines are, considering the show has been off the air since December, when season two was hacked in half because of the writers' strike, the third season of Heroes is scheduled to premiere in September.

Until then, however, we can stock up on plastic sleeves and preserve Claire, Hiro, Sylar, Peter, Mohinder, Parkman and others for posterity.

The second round of cards, featuring Niki, West, Molly and many more, is due out in July.

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